Things to do in Ayutthaya , World Heritage

Ayutthaya buddha statue in Wat Yai Chaimongkon
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Ayutthaya Historical Park Thailand, The world heritage

by Eng

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Ayutthaya is located 53 miles north of Bangkok. Ayutthaya was Thailand’s capital from 1350 to 1767 (417 years!!). Once a thriving international commercial center, but today only the ruins of this splendid city are to be seen. The ruins and temples are quite spectacular and some are still intact such as the bronze statues of Wat Yai Chai Mongkol and Wat Panancheng.

In 1767, the Ayutthaya kingdom fell to the Burmese. After this in 1782 the capital was moved to its present location in Bangkok. Ayutthaya history still unclear due to the chronicle record were destroyed during the war.

The evidence of the prosperity from the past is remain only ruins such as of Pagodas and Chedi, Prang all can still be seen when you drive through the city which become highlighted and bring many tourists to visit.

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In 1991 Ayutthaya was declared as a World heritage site by UNESCO. Ayutthaya has formally been published in books such as, “1000 Places to See before You Die”. This is a province that by all means should not be overlooked during your Thailand travels.

Ayutthaya is a river island city, less than 12 square km. There are over 100 historical well preserved ruins and temples. With many of our tours you will be able to spend a day there to see a few different temples. But if there are no time restrictions on your trip, you should book an Ayutthaya travel package which lasts for 2 days, to admirer the full glory of Ayutthaya.

Evening Trip

Taking a trip by bike or in the evening is nice and cool weather. In 2019 , the city governor start to have light decoration that you can see ruins nicely after dark.

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Wat Phrasisanphet

Ayuttaya Private Tour

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Things to do in Ayutthaya

Unseen Buddha head at Wat Mahatat

This is a spiritual center or Buddhist laymen . The structure of  the website is very old since it built by the third king of Ayutthaya. The top highlight of Ayutthaya is in here. That is the head of the Buddha statue, which were surrounded by the tree.


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Wat Chai wattanaram

The temple outstanding on the riverside which has similarly to Angkor wat . The ruin compound very nice layout and highly recommend to visit.

Wat Pharasisanphet and royal palace

The temple with three of half bell shape pagodas which was once to organize royal ceremony.  It is located in the center of the Ayuttthaya river island which show the prosperity of the kingdom.

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Wat Putthai sawan วัดพุทไธศวรรย์

Wat Phutthaisawan is a historic Thai Buddhist temple outside river island. But it is still can be considered as part of Ayutthaya Historical Park. It was over 666 years old when it was built. Most tour did not go there since it looks near the river but take a while to get there.

Wat Phanamg klong srabua วัดพระงามคลองาระบัว

One of ruins, temple build during early period of Ayutthaya kingdom. This is not far from the city and not been visiting much by the tourist.

Open 08.00-17.00

Wat Yai Chai Mongkon

This temple has reclining Buddha statue and the highest bell shape stupa

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Wear Thai dress and take pictures

Just wear Thai dress which is very nice. The location is at Wat Chaiwattanaram.

wearing Thai dress in Wat Chai Wattanaram

Chao Samphraya museum

This is a perfect place to see the heritage of Ayutthaya such as a Buddha statue, jewelry and utensil. Spend time here at lease 1-2 hours to learn the history and see the best craft work in the ancient time,

Open : Tuesday – Sunday 09.00-16.30

Area city center

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Thai Japanese museum

In the old day over thousand of Japanese live in Ayutthaya. The resident area was on the river. So Japanese government comes to renovate the place as study center.

Open 08.30-17.30


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Wat Phrasisanphet

Ayuttaya Private Tour

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Japanese Settlement in Ayutthaya

This is educational center that visitor can learn about Japanese community who live here in Ayutthaya period. It is located in the old Japanese settlement. Inside , they have nice garden and two main building. It is highly recommend to see an educational video in each building provides plenty of context and further information about the village in several languages. You can learn about history and how rich of this kingdom which was an important port of call and one of the most famous trading city in Asia.

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Ayutthaya study center (ศูนย์ศึกษาประวัติศาสตร์อยุธยา)

See the model and how the palace and palace look like in the pass was. You can also see the life style of the old way such as house, ritual , house and junk boat.

Address : Pratu Chai Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13000

OPEN: Tuesday – Sunday 9.00 – 16.30

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Riding along Ayutthaya

The Tuk Tuk ride is fun and tuk tuk here looks different from other place. Chose the colorful one you can take pictures which is very nice.

Riding the boat to see the sunset

Ayutthaya is river island. The boat trip can help you see life style of local people and enjoy the sunset/

Ayutthaya canal trip

Overnight cruise

Small teak wood boat service is another option of travelling to Ayutthaya. The trip is includes one night overnight near Bangpain Summer palace.

wat arun Mekhala cruise

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Riding elephant to see ruin

At Elephant Kraar, you can take a ride of elephant and see the view of the ruins in different prospect.

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Dining and Coffee

Sala Ayutthaya

It is small and luxury boutique hotel on the river that you can view Wat Phuthai sawan while dining lunch. And you can also get a very nice picture on the entrance, which high brick wall which is very unique.

Baan Kaonom บ้านข้าวหนม

This dessert shop is mixed of Thai traditional Thai dessert café.  The recommend dish is Kanom tuay ขนทถ้วย  Kanom chomunga ขนมช่อม่วง  ,  Kanomthongyod ขนมทองหยอด

Eating river prawn

A famous restaurant call tonnam river view is a place that everyone go to experience grilled river prawn. This local restaurant is on the way the way to Bangpanin.

Other recommend placeTalangkrang Or Tor Kor at koong puan preaw,  Ruan Thai Kung pao เรือนไทยกุ้งเผา , and Areraman Coffee

Bussaba Café

Small café opposite with Mahathat and also sell local product souvenir such as bag, doll and Shawn.

Open 09.00-18.00

Candy crap โรตีสายใหม   บังดิน

With special crap wrap with sweet candy, it was called roti sai mai. It is hard to stop eating it after try to first one.

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Things to do outside of city

Bangpain and Wat niwesthamaprawat

The palace was built as Summer palace in Ayutthaya period. This place has been renovated again in 1900s by King Rama V. The palace compound consist of various type of European building, Thai style and Chinese building.

Close to the temple there are also Wat Niwat which has a main hall build in Gothic church style.

bangpain phathinang isawan tippayaart

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Tung Bua Deang ทุ่งบัวแดง

 It is a small village which you can see the pond with red lotus blossom all over. Sure enough that you can get a very good photos.

Location Baan Klong sai

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Ayothaya floating market

Floating market near the city with various kinds of food and goods. Souvenir shop and yummy meal.

Open daily


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Talad Chado ตลาดลาดชะโด

100 years old market consists of a lot of oddly shop such as barber, Thai herbs and pharmacy , photo shop , Tailor shop and grocery shop.

Location : outside city at  Pak hai district. Tel  035-740-263-4

OPEN :  Weekend only 09.00-16.00

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Talad Kong Kong ตลาดโก้งโค้ง

An old market in Thai style that you can enjoy Thai food, fruit and a good place to take pictures and get good photos for instragram.

Address  Baan Sangsom Moo 5 , Bangpain – Panancheang , T. Kanonluang, A.Bangpain, P. Ayutthaya

ที่อยู่ : บ้านแสงโสม หมู่ 5 ถนนบางปะอิน-วัดพนัญเชิง ตำบลขนอนหลวง อำเภอบางปะอิน จังหวัดอยุธยา

Open  :Thursday – Sunday  10.00-16.00 .

CALL  local governor  : องค์การบริหารส่วนจังหวัดพระนครศรีอยุธยา โทร.0-3579-6447

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Talad Nam Krung sri , Krungsri floating market

Krung sri floating market is behind old city governor’s office which you can wear a Thai dress and take a time to shop and eat local product such as pad thai, sugar sap drink, grilled corn cop . More merchant and shopper come here during weekend.

Open ; Daily 09.00-20.00

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My Personal experience with Ayutthaya trip

 School Trip to Ayutthaya Thailand Secondary school  

I remember my first visit to Ayutthaya. I was in secondary school. It was my school field trip. The picture of the big crown and market in front of the ruin sold roti samai (sugar thread wrap with a kind Indian pancake) and fish products are still fresh in my memory and it seems to be the only picture of Ayutthaya which I recall.

bangpain phathinang isawan tippayaartUniversity trip

When I was at university, my friends and I traveled to Ayutthaya. We decided to travel around by bicycle. We rode around Ayutthaya Wat Prasrisanphet bike from 8.00 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. I remember every place I visited and how hot the sun was, that it made my skin turn red. It took me 5 months to have my normal skin color back. I could not complain about it. This trip was more fun than the first trip. We saw a lot but did not really understand what we saw. We rode outside Ayutthaya Island to Portuguesa and the Japanese settlement. It was too far and unsafe to ride a bicycle on a hi-way, but I have learned from that experience not to do it again.

 Guide class trip     

I went to Ayutthaya with a historian (tour guide teacher) and my class mate. It was the first time that I did not just see the ruins but understood Ayutthaya history, culture and its importance to Thailand today. The trip was nice and even we needed to lecture during the tour.

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Grand Pearl Cruise

Ayuttaya private tour , going by car and return by cruise

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Wat Phrasisanphet

Ayuttaya Private Tour

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Wat Chai Wattanaram

Ayutthaya trip by bus and return by Grand pearl Cruise