Ayutthaya Historical Park Thailand, The world heritage

Ayutthaya is located 53 miles north of Bangkok. Ayutthaya was Thailand’s capital from 1350 to 1767 (417 years!!). Once a thriving international commercial center, but today only the ruins of this splendid city are to be seen. The ruins and temples are quite spectacular and some are still intact such as the bronze statues of Wat Yai Chai Mongkol and Wat Panancheng.
In 1767, the Ayutthaya kingdom fell to the Burmese. After this in 1782 the capital was moved to its present location in Bangkok. Ayutthaya history still unclear due to the chronicle record were destroyed during the war.
The evidence of the prosperity from the past is remain only ruins such as of Pagodas and Chedi, Prang all can still be seen when you drive through the city which become highlight and bring many tourist to visit.Ayutthaya wat chai
In 1991 Ayutthaya was declared as a World heritage site by UNESCO. Ayutthaya has formally been published in books such as, “1000 Places to See before You Die”. This is a province that by all means should not be overlooked during your Thailand travels.
Ayutthaya is a river island city, less than 12 square km. There are over 100 historical well preserved ruins and temples. With many of our tours you will be able to spend a day there to see a few different temples. But if there are no time restrictions on your trip, you should book an Ayutthaya travel package which lasts for 2 days, to admirer the full glory of Ayutthaya.

Personal expereince with Ayutthaya trip

School Trip to Ayutthaya Thailand Secondary school  

I remember my first visit to Ayutthaya. I was in secondary school. It was my school field trip. The picture of the big crown and market in front of the ruin sold roti samai (sugar thread wrap with a kind Indian pancake) and fish products are still fresh in my memory and it seems to be the only picture of Ayutthaya which I recall.

University trip

When I was at university, my friends and I traveled to Ayutthaya. We decided to travel around by bicycle. We rode around Ayutthaya Wat Prasrisanphetbike from 8.00 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. I remember every place I visited and how hot the sun was, that it made my skin turn red. It took me 5 months to have my normal skin color back. I could not complain about it. This trip was more fun than the first trip. We saw a lot but did not really understand what we saw. We rode outside Ayutthaya Island to Portuguesa and the Japanese settlement. It was too far and unsafe to ride a bicycle on a hi-way, but I have learned from that experience not to do it again.

Guide class trip     

I went to Ayutthaya with a historian (tour guide teacher) and my class mate. It was the first time that I did not just see the ruins but understood Ayutthaya history, culture and its importance to Thailand today. The trip was nice and even we needed to lecture during the tour.