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Lopburi : The Khmer and front history city of Ayutthaya

Lopburi is one of the oldest Khmer city before Siam Kingdom was established. In 1644, King Narai the great made this town his second capital city of Ayutthaya kingdom.

Lopburi is located 150 km north of Bangkok. It houses interesting historical monuments and a national museum with lots of archaeological finds. The architectural style of Lop Buri in the reign of King Narai was half Thai and half western as can be seen from the Royal Palace, the Royal Reception House, or Wang Narai.
The Statue of King Narai the Great is situated at the entrance of the town. Phra Prang Sam Yot once a Hindu Shrine is the landmark of Lop Buri. Phra Kaan Shrine or the High Shrine is an ancient Khmer shrine which was constructed with late rite standing on the high redented pedestal. The image called Phra Kaan is enshrined inside and is well worshipped by people formerly, the head and the arm of Phra Kaan were broken and later the head of a sandstone Buddha image in Ayutthaya Period was attached to the body as a replacement.
Khmer who expanded their power to the town of Lawo and Lop Buri at the beginning of the 10th century and ruled over the area until when the Thais who migrated from the North fought against them and declared the independence of the Thais.

Place to visit in program while going to Lopburi Thailand

Travel to Lopburi in the morning. Visit Narai Ratchanivet in the morning and see the ruin French architecture buildings. In the Evening visit San Pra Kan where a big event of monkey dining take place where the wild monkey come near to the people and sometime become nasty and stole some of people belongings. Every year there will be a kind of event called Chinese dining for monkey. There will be big parade of food just to feed those monkeys with bananas and other kinds of fruit. Then, visit Pra Prang San Yot (Three pagodas) which was built in Khmer prosperous period.Lopburi wang narai