Bangkok canal , a famous top activities when visit the city of angle


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Things to do

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Bangkok canal or Bangkok explore by by long-tailed boat

Bangkok is very famous city for tourist. Over 30 million visitors come to Bangkok a year, (information about 2019

Why this town is so popular?

Lets tour Bangkok could explain that.


  • There are so many things to do in Bangkok

  • cheap food

  • easy to travel around

  • hub to connect to other destinations.

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One of the top things to do in Bangkok is visiting Bangkok canal

There are over 400 of network canal in Bangkok. Riding along the long tailed boat to observe life and what was going on along the canal Bank is one of the top things to do in Bangkok.  It is fun ,and easy to combine to main sightseeing of Bangkok. Those who stay along the riverside hotel can easily jump to the long-tailed and enjoy the fun riding. Let’s we tell you why.

Below picture was the long-tail boat and tourist. It made of wooden for boat body. It is use pick up truck for motor engine. It is a hybrid transportation between Asia element and Western engineer.

canal james bond boat

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The canal , the river and klong tour Bangkok

The river of the  is called the Chao Phraya River as the main river to provide the water supply for the Bangkok people and also this river is the main transportation from Ayutthaya Era to Rattanakosin Era.

The transportation in the river is by boat and the river’s branch is a canal. There is the community on the canal bank which is full of the Thai local cultures and lifestyle that visitor can observe the way of Thai living.

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Enjoy the Local Cultures with Klong tour Bangkok

At the present, there are many Bangkok canal tour programs provided to the tourists by the tour company. The symbol of the canal tour is the long-tailed boat that the tourists can take this kind of boat during the canal tour. The duration of each canal tour is around 1-2 hour per trip.

The canal tour will take the tourists to see the Thai local cultures and lifestyles of the community where is around the canal bank, the famous route of canal tour is Bangkok Noi canal tour as Bangkok Noi canal is the old community.

From the historical evidence, this community was founded since Ayutthaya Era. Not only the lifestyle and local cultures to be shown to the tourists during the canal tour but also the old Buddhist temples will be visit or pass during the trip.

There temples are around the canal bank as follows by beliefs of the old community to build the temple to be near to the canal to be easy for transportation. The tourists can enjoy the nature around the canal and Thai local food and dessert was provided to the tourists for some canal tour.


The tourists who came to visit Bangkok and would like to see the Thai styles should not miss the canal tour or Klong tour Bangkok to enjoy the nature, Thai cultures and local lifestyle from the community around the canal bank. Along the canal , visitors can still see farm area. Event, it is very close to Bangkok city center.

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Recommend Time to visit

If you like to see what was going on along the canal, you may try to do it early morning or late afternoon.

People return from work to home. They are waiting at the public boat pier. They carry their things and get in and out of the boat. Sometime, the kids swim around. The small boat selling goods and products along the canal are maybe pictures that you can find lively life along the canal. Note: When visit temples, please dress up properly , according to sight of Wat Arun as things that you should not do.

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Sightseeing that you can visit during canal tour

Before start or at the end of the of the trip

  • Flower market , pak klong talad  , fresh flower and vegetable market
  • Grand Palace , Royal palace
  • Wat Pho , Reclining Buddha temple
  • Wat Arun , Towel or temple of dawn
  • Wat Rakang and Wanglang market , royal temple and market area
  • Riverside restaurant for low rise to sip and drink and view the temple or palace such as sala arun, the desk

Stop sightseeing during canal tour

  • Baan Silpin : Art workshop,  puppet show  and  restaurant
  • Baan Bu, craft work
  • Floating market during weekend  such as Taling chan , Klong ladmayom
  • People house, if you curious about how do they live
  • Royal Barges museum

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