Snake farm Bangkok – Sound Scary ! but good to visit


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Snake farm Bangkok >> Sound Scary ! but good to visit this sightseeing in Bangkok 

Many sightseeing in Bangkok, located in the city center. Lets tour Bangkok would like to introduce the Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm. The snake may sound scary and not so nice. This sightseeing in Bangkok will open your view of this creature. You know that a boa goes slowly and it is easy to run away from them. However, some snake may cause you death immediately just one bite. Isn’t it better to know more about their behave and learn something about the snake. It is a time to learn how to protect yourself and first aids care.

green tree python

The more colorful of the snakes is, the more dangerous they are

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Beginning of Queen Saovabha Institute Snake farm Bangkok

Queen saovabha institute snake farm was established in November 1923 by a French physician named Dr. Robert Brady’s rumoredold director’s first Saovabha Institute, which was aware of the problem of being bitten by a poisonous snake. People and pets No poisonous snake serum treatment one of the major problems was occurred in Thailand back then. The main objective was to feed the snake venom for producing a poisonous snake serum.
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Location and how to get there

Snake farm Bangkok inside the Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm is located on Rama 4 Road, It is not far from Silom road and Samyan area. The location in Bangkok city center and can access by sky train and subway , MRT Samyan or Silom  , or BTS Saladeang.
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Operate time of snake farm

It is part of the Snake Weekdays are indicated by two rounds is 11:00 am. and 14:30 hrs. by 11.00 range.
There is also a snake venom the stage demonstrations and snake venom Building 4 at 14.30.
There is also a demonstration of the snake taking a picture with Python the outdoor stage Saturday – Sunday holidays are around 11.00 hrs.
A demonstration snake taking a picture with Python the outdoor stage
It is recommended to arrive for 30-60 minute to visit the museum serpent snake Building 4 at the back stage before the show time.

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The atmosphere at Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm

The Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm is a modern style museum. It is  a/c on second floor. The ground floor contain various types of snakes. The visitor can view in the mirror show case. They set nature environment to make snake comfortable.
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Finny Story of Thai Snake

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Even snake is a scary reptile in Thailand, But many girl want to see it her dream . If you dream that a snake strap. The dream interpreting as you will meet soul mate soon.  Sweet dreams everone and good luck with meeting snake in your dream.
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