Khao San Road, backpacker paradise

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Khao San Road Bangkok as a gateway to tourism before traveling to different sectors of the cities of Thailand. Most backpacker tourists stay at Khao San Road , or visit this place since it is in things to do in Bangkok. Before the internet boom, backpackers will come to Khao san road to find room, activities and bus to connect to other parts of Thailand or Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is a place to get cheap travel package, nightlife and food. Plus, it is easy to access the old city of Bangkok.

Interesting service at Khoa san road

The more than 500 meters along the entire route is lined with guesthouse restaurants, gift shops, restaurants, boutiques and a full range of travel services ranging. The long-distance calls IDD telephone, internet, manicure, massage, hairdresser Thailand or even apply for a visa. And student Khao San Road Bangkok are completely integrated.

Variety of Khoa San Road Bangkok

Visitors have the opportunity to patrol nightlife on Khao San Road Bangkok then the first thing that many people, it is inevitable to go shopping and enjoy the atmosphere, the two sides are packed with foreign tourists for girls mostly to shop lined. Whether it’s chic designer clothing, handbags, shoes, handmade products from all over the country, CDs, jewelry, etc., or sit in a hundred beads braided pigtail hairstyle Dade Rock. Our way of life and people passing throughit turns out that Khao San Road was like the appearance of Thailand. That serves Thailand delicious restaurant Chic style atmosphere there is also a trolley on the street selling food Thailand, both savory and sweet, cheap, be it fried Thailand, sticky rice, pork, rice omelette, kebab, mango sticky rice, roti, Meatball.

Highlights the Khao San Road bangkok

Additionally, the Khao San Road Bangkok also highlights the importance of restaurants, pubs and bars or a scenic ride on either side. Sip a cool drink with a light bustling pubs, dance or sit and chill atmosphere. Most are wearing pants or shorts of Japanese tourists who like to dye hair. Khao San Road Bangkok where tourists usually prefer to sit and knit braid. In addition, visitors can also walk to stay in this area.

Many travelers will not miss a trip to Khao San Road, this is one of the top things to do in Bangkok.

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