Animal Bangkok Tourist Attractions at Bangkok Safari World

Safari World Bangkok is located on the east of Bangkok on the area 430 acres. A large area has been divided the tour into two parts. One is an open safari park and zoo with many animals such as zebra, deer, giraffe, birds, tigers, lions, bears, etc. By the way, they have entrance to separate carnivore animals from herbivore animal. The second part is Marin Park. There are garden pools and aquatic animals and display of dolphins, birds, seals and monkeys, etc. There are also animals show that kids can enjoy.

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Safari Park and Zoo

Visitors are allowed to ride private vehicle or join the tour bus to ride to open zoo. The live animals walk around s in the nature. At 10:00 , they are feeding the tiger with meat. It is one of the highlights of this zoo. It has only operatee one time a day. But for sightseeing by driving in the zoo is open from 09:00 -16:30.

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Marine Park and Animal Show Time at Safari World, Bangkok Tourist Attractions

Marin Park and a water park with animal shows, such as the orangutan, the sea lion show, the stunt show, the white whale and dolphin show, The war of espionage and the bird garden, a garden with birds, macaws, alligators and polar bears. Then past the show such as water skiing and elephant shows and Jungle Walk which is in a new open space. There are giraffe feeding area. Birds exhibition showcasing the Parrot Sunconoir, the walrus from Russia, hornbills there are also various strange creatures Amazon fish, giant mice P. Bara, shaggy fur seals, ring tail lemur, kangaroo, gray, leopard, caged parrots, macaws, lemurs five colors and a variety of other animals in safari world Bangkok.

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Fee and operation time

The zoo open at 09:00- 17:30


Safari Park for adult  800 THB/ Person child 700 THB/Person Marine Park for adult 1,000 THB/person child 900 THB/Person Combine ticket safari park + Marine Park  adult 1,200 THB/person child  900 THB/person children (height 101-140 cm)
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Listing of show time Each show will run for 15-30 minutes Ouran Uton Show  : 10:20 , 13:50 , 15:20 Sea lion Show  11:00 , 13:40 , 16:10 Elephant Show   11:40 , 15:20 Cawboy Show  10:20 , 11:40 , 16:30 Dolphin Show  13:30 , 15:50Spy War  14:30   Bird  11:00 , 14:30 , 15:30 Safari Park Open Zoo Feeding : 10:00

How to get there?

The visitors can take a cab to Safari World, it is around 1-2 hours for travel time. You could also arrange joint transfer tour or driver there which is not so difficult.

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