Wat Pho temple is located in the old city of Bangkok . it is easy to access and connecting to other main destination such as the Grand Palace. Many tourist add Wat Pho temple or the reclining Buddha in their things to do in Bangkok listing. Surely , those who been to this temple has impress and enjoy art, craft and article here. Find out more information in our blog.

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About Wat Pho temple & Black ground

Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmagklararm Rajwaramahaviharn or commonly known as Wat Pho temple (Wat means the Buddhist temple) was founded since The Kingdom of Ayutthaya, before the foundation of  the Chakri Dynasty of The Kingdom of Siam in 1782 A.D.

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The King Rama I has re-established this temple due to this temple is very near to The Grand Palace in 1801 A.D.. Even though there is not the official announcement that The King Rama I has received this temple to be the temple of the his reign, but this temple was known as the temple of the reign of The King Rama I as he is the main person of the reparation, also his bone after the royal funeral has been placed here.

Wat Pho Map, Bangkok

As we recommend Wat Pho temple in your things to do in Bangkok. Surely it is a lot of activities that one could enjoy. Find out what is the highlight in this Royal temple.

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Things to Worship: The Reclining Buddha Temple

The Reclining Buddha temple has been created in the reign of The King Rama III, followed by the Arts of Sukhothai to be the location to place The Reclining Buddha . The posture of the Buddha statue is kind of sleeping or lounging. The tourist can see the foot, sole of the Buddha which shown the 108 of blessings as per the Buddhist’s believes. This Buddha statue was recognized as the beautiful of Art and to be the symbol of Wat Pho.

Wat PHo Recling Buddha TempleReclining Buddha Statue

The Ancient Stone Inscriptions

In 2011 A.D., The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) has registered the 1,431 stone inscriptions at Wat Pho as “Memory of the World”. These stone inscriptions were described about the Buddhist religion, Thai Traditional healer, Thai Traditional Cultures, Thai literatures and the history of the temple’s foundation. Even though the tourists cannot understand the description on each stone inscription but these inscriptions was shown that Wat Pho has been the center of the education in the past.

Wat Pho Statue in the GardenThai Massage scripture

Other Things to do in Wat Pho temple : Traditional Thai Massage

Thai relaxing massage has provided to the tourists. The massage was proceeded by the professional and well-trained staffs so the tourists can be ensured that they will get the relaxing massage and treatment without any side effect in later. Massage is one among many things to do in Bangkok and Thailand. If you have time and try Thai massage here, it is really called experience from the ORIGINAL.


Location: Sanamchai Road, Bangkok (Rattanakosin Island)

Operation Hour: 8.30am to 6.30pm, Daily
Stane Staue at Wat Pho


During Thai New Year or Songkran Festival, Lets tour Bangkok highly recommend to add Wat Pho as things to in Bangkok since they have traditional Thai festival help in the temple compound which is very colorful and interesting.