Crocodile farm Bangkok 

An Alternative Family Entertainment

The crocodile Farm is a good place for families to visit. It is near Bangkok. It is a place where children can see the crocodiles real close, and there are many shows and activities here that you and your family can enjoy.

Thai People and Crocodiles

The Thai children are very scared of crocodiles because of a folk tale about Charawan, a famous legend from Central Thailand. This story is about the king of crocodiles, who lived underwater and came to earth to kill men and kidnap their most beautiful lady siblings to be his consort. When the Crocodile King was underwater, he had the ability to transform himself into a handsome man. Until one day, a handsome crocodile hunter went down to the crocodile kingdom to rescue the beauties back.


Many times this story has become a theme in movies and T.V. series, creating much fear. Therefore, the Thais recognize this animal as black magic. Although the story is for young children, it doesn’t stop scaring them even when they become adults. Now, if anyone has seen the crocodiles in their natural state, such as in a river, blackish water or sea, they would most certainly make headlines in the newspaper, narrating their hunting story after all!

Crocodile farm Bangkok History

Several cites close to Bangkok have commercial crocodile farms. Initially, their business is just to raise this beast for selling its skin and meat. The crocodile skin is in high demand for making beautiful leather handbags, and their meat can be sold for cooking in Asian countries. A crocodile farm owner will, however, not make any money until crocodiles reach a mature age and can be sold to the market.

New Development of Crocodile

sampan show

One Crocodile farm Bangkok owner came up with a brilliant idea; ” instead of raise and wait to sell crocodiles to make money, he thought, why not make money when they are in the farm”. The owner combined a legend about a crocodile hunter who, with his great magic, could control a crocodile to do as he pleased. This went to become an amazing show, which is today called crocodile wrestling. We can assure you that this kind of show is very unique to Thailand, and in no other country will you see a crocodile hunter kissing a crocodile. Oh, there is a lot more to that place than just this, but you won’t find out unless you visit the Crocodile Farm and see for yourself!

Our Recommendation

I highly recommend the crocodile farm in Suan Sam Pran for its cleanliness and better management as compared to other places. Also, this place is close to the Damdoen Saduak Floating Market and the Rose Garden, the cultural show. Besides its great location, I like their elephant battle show the best. It reminds me a of a big stunt man show about war, with people fighting and bombs exploding in an outdoor field for battle. It should not be missed if you like to see a part of the Thai culture and a great show. Additional Information: For those who look for authentic leather crocodile skin should not miss this place as well.