Siam Niramit Show , Thai Cultural and Experience !!

Siam Niramit Show , Sightseeing in Bangkok for Cultural Show

See the beautiful tradition and culture of the Siamese from past to present via the best sightseeing in Bangkok at Siam Niramit Show , Cultural Show of Bangkok. highly recommends you so see the world class cultural show in town. You will learn Thai culture and impress with amazing performance.5 opt

Meal and Dinner Service

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For conveniences , visitors can enjoy traditional Thai buffet. It is very high quality and more Thai food than the regular buffet. Fish curry and fish cook with lime juice is very nice and many tourists love it. For the day, which have lot of tourists, the restaurant manage to separate food service in different nations. For example , there are food buffet for Chinese tourist room, and the Indian tourist room for instance. So they can cater service to the right target.Dinner at Siam Niramirt
Dinner at Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit, the Cultural Center

Thai village is a place to walk before pre-show. Siam niramit gathering wooden Thai house come from Central, Southern, Northern and Northeastern of Thailand. They set up craft work and food demonstration of each house. One can spend 20-30 minute for pictures and observe around the area.
30 minutes before the show, the pre-show is starting. Traditional Thai dance, elephant show, and Khon or mask dance performed before the show start. You can view closely the way of actors and actress performance. Look closely to the Thai traditional Thai custom. It made of embroidery, find cut and stretching. The custom decorate with various kinds of accessory which is very unique and distinctive.

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Bangkok Siam Niramit Show

The show performances daily start at 20:00 hrs. It is before to arrive the theater before time to deposit the bags . They do not allow the camera and video inside.
Loy Krathong At Siam Naramirt
Siam Niramit in Bangkok, conducted by Siam Niramit show, which divided into two parts. Traditional Thai culture in the old day and Heaven and Hell, which display ideal of after life which reflex the believe of Thai people. This is a teaching lessen for people to do good and avoid bad. These are over 100 scenes with a wonderful production of color & light, sound and special effects. Many amazing scenes made people wonder how they organize that. The scene of changing regular place into the canal and hard rain is so amazing.

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How to get there?

This sightseeing in Bangkok is near to the shopping center in Ratchada area. It is better to take MRT to the cultural center station and the van will pick you up to the theater. Please take Exit 1. Pickups start at 17.30hrs Cycle time: roughly 15 minutes, traffic permitting. The service runs on a first-come, first-served basis. Drop-offs begin after the show ends. Or you could buy the ticket with transfer, which will provide pick up and drop from your hotel. However, the hotel must located in Bangkok city center.

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Ticket and Price 

Siam Niramit Normal seat1,500 Baht  Golden Seat for 2,000 baht buffet Dinner 350 Baht Children who are taller than 90 cm will allow free access to the seat lap of parents Lets tour Bangkok has special discount ticket rate Bangkok Siam Niramit. This sightseeing in Bangkok is one of the top recommend show for those who want to understand more about Thai culture, you will definitely love this place.