What is the brief Thailand history ?

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What is the brief Thailand history ?

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Pre Thai history

Over 1000s years ago, this area has community and various small stages that well known by the merchant who visit this area by sea trade route.

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Those small stage was valid as Thawarawadee, and Suwarnnabhumi.  It can not specific area of its location, but there was ruins and some of ancient utensil buried underground.

Before 1238s, the area of Thailand was ruled by Khmer Empire. The was recorded in Angkor, which talked about Siam people who bring tribute and gave labor when Khmer King go to war.

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Thai history period

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First Dynasty founder of Thailand

Sukhothai was the first Thai kingdom of Siam. This period was considered to be a golden age of Thai culture. King Kun Sri intratit declared its independence in 1238. The kingdom reached its peak in the reign of King Rham Khamhaeng the Great, the third king of the Sukhothai era. He created alphabets for Thai writing which has become the basis for modern Thai literacy. He also arranged to codify the Thai form of Theravada Buddhism. After his period, the kingdom started to decline.

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Second Kingdom of Thailand

In the mid -14th century,Ayutthaya Kingdom was founded by King U-Thong . During the 14th and 15th centuries the Thai kings of Ayuthaya became very powerful and began to expand their kingdom eastward until they took Angkor. By the mid-16th century Ayuthaya and the independent kingdom of Chiang Mai had came under the control of the Burmese, but the Thais regained control Ayutthaya areas by the end of the century. In 1767, Ayutthaya was sacked by the Burmese and cause of absolute destruction.

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Third Dynasty

Thais united and fought the Burmese within one year. Then, King Taksin was established the new capital city, was called Thonburi. It was located at the East bank of the Chaophraya river.

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4th Dynasty

In 1782 King Rama I was crowned. He moved the capital across the river to Bangkok, and ruled as the first king of the Chakri dynasty or Rattanakosin (Bangkok) period.

In 2020 , Thailand still has a monarch under King Rama X . The country has been rule under the constitution monarchy and dictatorship from time to time.


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Independence stage in Thailand

During Thailand or Siam combine into a very strong stage, there was also small stage located inference part of Thailand and has its own rulers. From time to time, those independence stages may send tribute to Siam to show that Siam king was highly respected by their ruler. Those independence stages wear declined the power and become part of Thailand by King Rama VI. It is now in various area of Thailand which sometime is a center of each religion.

Listing of former independent stage

  • Chiang mai
  • Chiang Rai
  • Phea
  • Lampang (Khalang Nakorn)
  • Lampoon
  • Korat and Phimai
  • Pattani
  • Phittsanulok
  • Khampheangphet
  • Fang (in Tak province)
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Who was Thailand founded by?

This is a good question. In fact, the national history was only tracked back in 1200s. Pre-Thai history was remained unclear . There were around 5 theories that talk about the ordination of Thai people.  The only possible one that historian believe the most is about language.  Thai language is very similar to the Jung tribe in the southern of China. It is possible that Thai people may move from there.

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Why did Thailand change it name ?

During politic transition  around 1930s-1940 , Thailand was ruled under military dictatorship. Marshall Por Piboon songkam change the name of country from Siam to Thailand back and forth for 2 times. He wanted to change make revolution and get rid of Monarchy influence.

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Where to go and learn Thai historical and enjoy sightseeing ?

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Most of the time is going to national museum is the best way to learn the history. It is yes and no. Visit museum with a lot of showcase of antique stuff could be boring, there are many interactive museum that you could enjoy learning and see this ways of Thai living change from time to time.

  • Thai national museum in Bangkok
  • Choasamprhay museum in Ayutthaya
  • Nittatrattanakosin
  • Museum Siam
  • Ayutthaya study center
  • Bangkok Chinatown museums, in Wat trimit or the Golden Buddha temple

There are a lot of small museum which has an antique object to show the local history which is not listed here. If we found it interesting, we will continue update the listing of museum above.

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2.Ruin Capital and major city

The main Thai historical destinations are related to the former capital city of old kingdom which is included Sukhothai and Ayutthaya .

Those cities are a ruin city. There was a remain basement of palace and major elements of Buddhist building such as main chapel, pagoda , and Chedi for instance.

  • Ayutthaya river island ( old city and new community in the same place)
  • The Grand palace , Bangkok
  • Sukhothai Historical park
  • Srisatchanalai
  • Vieng Kum Kam
  • Chiang sean
  • Baan Chiang in Udorn thani province
  • Phanomrung sanctuary
  • Phimai sanctuary
  • Kamphean Phet


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3.Most famous route to see historical site of Thailand

To visit various ruin and former capital city , the visitor use routing between Bangkok and Chiang mai . It is mean they will stop at Ayutthaya and Sukhothai province.

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