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Muay Thai The Fighting Art of the Warrior

Thai Kick Boxing or also known as “Muay Thai” it’s the national sport of Thailand. The kick boxing allows the boxer to use a punch, knee, elbow, arms, and legs for fighting. Most of the boxers are of medium weight or light weight, since they have to be fast and flexible to move.


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Muay Thai History

During the battles between Burma and Siam (Thailand), the famous fighter “Nai Khanomtom” was captured in the year 1767. The Burmese knew of his expertise in hand-to-hand combat and gave him an opportunity to fight for his freedom. And as expect he did win the match, he was freed by his captors and allowed to return to Siam.

He was acknowledged as a hero, and his fighting style became famous and known as Siamese-Style boxing, later to be known as Muay Thai


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Muay Thai Rules

In regular boxing only punching and kick above the waist is allowed, also the boxer will get scores for punching the target or knocking it down. But Thai Boxing is freestyle and based on kicks, elbow but less focus on punching. Points can also be scored when the boxer has a better technique. In every battle you will find it pretty intense and extreme like they are in a real battlefield.

But before the combats start they will do “Wai Kru” (a ceremony to thank their teachers, spirits and sport itself). After that they will go straight into “Rum Muay” it is a dance where each boxer shows their skills and style. Doing this before the fight is believed to bring good luck.

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Muay Thai VS kick boxing

Muay Thai uses elbow and knee, which are weapon which is really dangerous. The weight and the size of a Muay Thai fighter cannot determine who will be the winner, because something unexpected might always happen. Therefore, it is a very popular place to gamble. And it is very exciting to see who is going to win.

 Muay Thai is a local sport which related to culture and believe. Before the flight start , all boxers must do Wai Kru which is a kind of dance which is similar to warm up before the real exercise start.

The charm of Muay Thai is the audience. The cheering action is very loud. They concentrate on the match to cheer their favorite boxer. Some audiences use creative voice, jump or scream, which is very rare to see in other sports. And it is the color of the stadium as well as interesting!


Kick boxing is from Japan, which is a mixed of Muay Thai and karate. This combat is a combat that allows kicking and punching.  Kick boxing is another kind of martial art that also often practice in fitness.


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Where to Experience The Real “Muay Thai” ?

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1.Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

The stadium is open on Tuesday and Friday 6:30pm – 11:00pm and Saturday 4:00pm – 8:00pm, 8:15pm – midnight. It’s always best to check fight times locally.


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2. Rajadamnern Stadium

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Rajadamnern Stadium is much older than Lumpinee the stadium is open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, with most fight schedules starting at around 6:30pm.

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3. Muay Thai knocks out at Asiatique

This stadium use to be Muay Thai live which is a live show of martial art and history of Muay Thai.  Now, it has changed to real Muay Thai knock out which has 5 matches in each day.

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How about “Muay Thai” Live at home?

Since “Muay Thai” is our national sports so it’s obvious that people love to watch it and you can find it broadcast live on our local TV channel such as channel 7 and channel 3. But there is one that’s pretty popular among Thai people and foreigner, this program called “Thai Fight”. It brings Muay Thai to an international level and introduces the world’s best Muay Thai competition featuring several famous Thai and foreigner boxers worldwide. You can check out their videos at http://www.thaifight.com

Another one is “Max Muay Thai Live” it is now holding weekly shows at the Max Muay Thai Stadium in Pattaya,Thailand and is broadcast live on Channel 8 in Thailand and aired to over 45 European countries. You can visit their website here https://www.maxmuaythai.com/

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Exclusive Thai Boxing Gym in Bangkok

After reading all of this I bet that you feel more active don’t you?. Want to practice your Thai boxing skills? Here are all the exclusive places that Lj Biz would like to recommend and it’s definitely a must for you to try out.


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1.Kongsittha Muay Thai

This is the largest Muay Thai gym in Bangkok, here they have many packages for you to choose from including Private training, Thai boxing for fitness and Muay Thai camp. If you needed any boxing equipment they also sell it on their site. For more information, please check out their websitehttps://kstmuaythai.com/

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2.Banchamek Gym

The owner of this gym is no one else but “ Buakaw Banchamek” he is one of the most famous and the best boxer in Thailand who has won in many competitions. The main purpose of this gym is to train fighters and send them to the competition, second is to open a training class that includes Thai boxing, Jiu-jitsu and Mix Martials Art . Any further information, please contact https://www.banchamekgym.com/

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3.RSM Muay Thai Academy

This one is unique and special because apart from the normal Muay Thai training they also adapt it to fit the needs of those who looking for an engaging and sociable health and fitness program. More information please contact

Kết quả bóng đá (KQBD) nhanh nhất

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Muay Thai Boxing Experience

Arrangement of  1-2 hours of practicing Muay Thai are also fun and easy to do.

Now you know where to watch Muay Thai and where to train your boxing skills ! It’s easy isn’t it?

Who knows, maybe a little bit of practice with real expertise in Thailand you could be the next champion of Muay Thai competition!  .

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Famous Muay Thai boxer

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Buakow Banchagmek (former name Bua Koa Por Pramook)

Buakow is from the northeast of Thailand. He was famously a super star of Muay Thai boxer and well known among various international Muay Thai and knock boxing match.

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Nong Toom

Nong Toom was a boy who wanted to be a girl and try to live his life for living and education by became a Muay Thai boxer. He was also getting a recognition on stage as professional boxer. Later on , he quite this job. His story has been use to create movie and make him one of the most famous sport person. Later , he did the sex reassignment surgery to be a man.

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Muay Thai Boxing technique

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5 crazy Muay Thai facts

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