Thai dance  , uniquely Thai  performance

Influence of Thailand culture

Art and architecture in Thailand have been influenced by Indian, Khmer, Chinese, and other Thailand’s neighbors culture such as Laos or Vietnam. Exchange of the culture and uniqueness of Thailand culture today are from a merchant and trader who travel in and out of the region.

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Thailand dance and Thai architecture

A classical Thailand dance show can be found from Thai architecture such as temples and palace. The decoration of  wooden panel and painting on stone can be seen in the building.

Those art inside of the Thai architecture show the way of living, play and ritual.

Where is the Thailand dance show perform in the old day?

Royal play and performance

Traditional Thai dance performs in the royal court to entertain the royal family member and the envoy. It is reflex of rich culture , uniqueness in art of entertainment.

Khon Dance Thailand

Thai dance and performances are also attractive features of the country. There are many kinds of Thai dances. The most renowned for foreigners is called Khon, a traditional most elaborate form of Thai masked drama which combines elegance in its dancing and singing. Thailand is a great place for the art and architecture. There are a large number of the atres, art galleries, and other interesting places where the cultures and sense of the nation can be expressed and appreciated.

Folk dance and play

Art of entertainment is also well know for the local people, which occasionally perform amount the community and village in especial event such as temple event, wedding, and ordination.

Below is some example that shows the uniqueness of Thai art and show.


Ramwong is a Thai folk dance which develops from Ramthone which can be explained as dancing the accompaniment of the drum beats.

The performance is by a couple dance together and folding their palms with their fingers at right angles to their wrists and brings the hands up and down or back and front of their body or face. The dance also involve with bemding the finger in the time to music throughout.

There is over 20 standard dance posture which is summarized by ministry of fine art.

This kind of dance is famous after world war II and use in special music . That music is a ramwong music which is also having similar rhythm but different lyrics.

Ramwong dance posture is also find in Rabamkeaw kwai and more .

Now Ramwong can be found in rural areas only for special celebration such as temple fair, ordination cerebration and  province annual fair for instance.

Lakhorn Chatri (ละครชาตรี)

Chatri mean man in Thai language. In the old day , it is performed by man only.

This is similar to Khon dance, but less fancy dress and less number of performers involve.

It is an entertainment for local people and has folk tell and dance .

Old day Lakhon Chatri

Muay Thai Dance

Before Thai boxing or Muay Thai match begins, the Muay Thai dance will be performed by practitioners. It is called Wai Kru Ram muay or Wai kru which is mean pay respected to the master who teach them.

Ram means dance. Ram muay is complex movement which is around 1 minutes . This is a compulsory to perform before the flight and it is almost similar dance for ever fighter.

Ram Manorah (รำมะโนราห์)

The Manorah is a name of leading in folktale which is from traditional India dance. Manorah is the female who is a creature of human and bird.

Manorah dance is a performance originate from the southern part of Thailand. This kinds of dance is almost like a yoga . The dancers go very slow and standing in  The dancer are in white shirt and pant which is tight to the body. Color bread decorated from head to waste make it look very unique.

Moh Lam  หมอลำ

This kind of music is a traditional song which is famous in Laos and Isan (Northeast of Thailand).

Can I enjoy Thai dance when visit Thailand?

Yes, you can enjoy a Thai dance performance when visit Thailand.

  1. Go to join Thai dinner and dance.
    1. Bangkok : Sala rim nam at the oriental hotel
    2. Bangkok : Dinner cruise such as wonderful pearl
    3. Chiang mai : Chiang mai cultural center
  2. Go to join sightseeing or show that have you can see the show
    1. Bangkok : Erawan shrine
    2. Bangkok : Siam Niramit
    3. Phuket : Phuket fantasia
    4. Bangkok, Chiang mai, Phuket : see Muay Thai boxing
  3. Local party
    1. Thai wedding – during Khanmak ceremonial

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