Thai art, Thai dance, Thai architecture : Uniquely Thai culture

Art and Architecture in Thailand are influenced by the traditions and themes of Indian, Khmer, Chinese, and other Thailand’s neighbors. There have been regional themes at different periods during the past 2,000 years that make the art and architecture Thailand Nation today. The Architecture of Thailand symbolizes the Thai people’s sense of community and religious beliefs. A developmental history of classical Thai architectures can be found from existing temples, wood and stone buildings which have been used in construction traditionally. The outstanding examples of Thai architectures can be seen in the famous towns of Sukhothaiand Ayutthaya. Due to its long history of flourishing Thai cultures, you will see various ancient carved wooden buildings and temples in these towns. These included the old towns like Chiang mai or even Bangkok, itself. The Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha temple are the most famous architectures showing classical Thai art and cultures to be seen nowadays. There are over 400 Buddhist buildings in Bangkok in which almost every surface within temples are covered with beautiful decorations, for example, Wat Arun, Wat Suthat and Wat Pho.

Other parts of the country have their own styles of art and architectures, related to each neighboring nations. In southern of Thailand are influenced by the Srivajaya Empire, the Malay and Chinese. In Central of Thailand are covered by Lop Buri style. U-Thong and Khmer styles of art are influenced around East of Thailand. Similarly to the arts, Thai art is the product of the combination between different nations and cultures as the finest traditions of Asia, blended and claims itself as Thai. Thai art is often showed in the theme of Buddhist art, Thai sculpture frequently depicts images of Buddha, Thai paintings are regularly illustrate the legends of Hinduism and Brahmanism as the mural paintings in royal buildings and temples.

Thai art in dance

Thai dance and performances are also attractive features of the country. There are many kinds of Thai dances. The most renowned for foreigners is called Khon, a traditional most elaborate form of Thai masked drama which combines elegance in its dancing and singing. Thailand is a great place for the art and architecture. There are a large number of the atres, art galleries, and other interesting places where the cultures and sense of the nation can be expressed and appreciated.Thai dance SM 90027055