Dream World , 6 reasons to visit & enjoy the ultimate amusement

dream world water park
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Bangkok has a lot to offer, especially sightseeing for kids and family. There are places that enhance family participation, kids learning center, and outdoor fun place.

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Dream World Bangkok is one of the top listing of Bangkok sightseeing. Beside it is one of the most famous Bangkok theme park, which has a lot of features and activities.

dream world - entrance

Dream World Bangkok is the perfect place for you to enjoy the ultimate amusement and experience the magic of entertaining facilities and attractions that are dotted all over this place. It is located in Pathum Thani Province. This huge park has 7 main zones for its visitors, about 40 thrill rides and other places for family and children’s pastime. The major zones in the Park are: Dream World Plaza, Dream Garden, Fantasy Land, and Adventure Land. Each of them has its own facilities for the visitors to spend an unforgettable time. Many Thais and foreigner recognize this place as Disney world Bangkok or Bangkok Disneyland. Yet, the quality is not there yet, but it is good enough for haTicket discount dream world Bangkokving fun within a day.

Find out why you should visit dream world Bangkok

1. Affordable Price

Dream World Park in Bangkok is a perfect destination for you to spend a magical vacation for many reasons. Aside from the fact that there are unlimited ways of enjoying your time here, the charges are also affordable and easy on everyone’s pocket. A tourist can buy an entrance ticket for about 30$, you will be amazed when you know that this price includes 27 rides, animal shows, and 4D adventure. This price will also include the Parade Show if you are willing to visit the park during the weekend.

dream world Bangkok
2. A lot of rides and Friendly Staff

Regardless of travelling with toddler, small kids or teenage, you could easily find something that your group could enjoy. You could easily spend the whole day there and keep yourself busy with ride and activities. As you know, Thais is recognized as a friendly person, dream world staffs personality and very helpful which made the visit so pleasant, easy and smooth.

sky coaster dream world
3. Photo opportunity

Dream world is very beautifully landscaped and well take care garden. Even you do not have kids, but there is a nice scenery and building that you could take a good photo opportunity.

4. 100% entertainment 

at 7 Wonders and Giant house. This is a unique place which quite a picturesque.

dream world water park
5. Not far from Bangkok

It takes around 1 hours to get to Dream World Bangkok by car if you live in the Bangkok city center hotel. You could take a taxi round trip which could be less than 800 THB / car. So if you travel there for 3-4 person you may pay just a cheap rate at 200 THB/person. If you travel for 1 or 2 persons, you could buy join the tour ticket which is safe for your budget.

6. A treat for your Adrenaline

Dream World Park is a fun place with friends. There is craziest adventure park with different kind of rides. Lot of rides which are fun are awaiting for you to enjoy, scream and lets loose, please bring you back to the old day. Here are some recommended for ride with friends. Bumper car is old and classic things to do and never gets old. The Tornado is a favorite ride which is fun and scary.

Hurricane dream world

Time spending at Dream World Bangkok

dream world Bangkok

Recommend period to visit in Thailand and Dream World Bangkok

Visitors should spend time in Dream World Bangkok around 6 hours is enough for your Bangkok day tour. It is easy to spend time for 1 days in Dream World Bangkok. The Dream world is open daily. The weekday, the place open from 10:00-17:00 meanwhile weekend operates at 10:00-19:00. Therefore, it is highly arriving at Bangkok Dream World at 10:00 . You may consider leaving the hotel around 08:30 or 09:00, if your hotel is located in Bangkok city center. It is the average travel time for 1 hour.

dream world - Hollywood action

If you plan to travel to Thailand for some fun adventure, then hurry up to catch the best time of visiting this cheerful country. As it were, the high season is from November to February. Therefore, you can choose to spend your Christmas holidays here as he weather will be at its best, as opposed to the summer time which is often characterized by a heavy downpour.

History of Dream World Ticket discount dream world Bangkok

The Dream World Bangkok is an amusement park in Bangkok. Former name of Dream World is Denneramit (แดนเนรมิต), which is near Central plaza which is near Bangkok city center. The Thais who born during the 1970s-1980s known this place as well as the most famous theme park of Bangkok. There high end theme park was 30 rides and machine to entertain people with lots of a fairytale castle which has a combination of Disneyland and Neuschwanstein castle. The entertainment highlight was including Roller Coaster, Viking, Dinosaur section and fantasia parade. Due to the rental contract was ended in 2000, they moved to a new location now a day, which as more rides and activities which consider a fun place for Thais people and foreign visitors.

Dream world Bangkok ticket price

Public rate of entrance fee and reds has only 850 THB/person for child and adult. It is not cheap that’s why we recommend to stay here full day. There is also price with buffet lunch, which is around 1,050/ person for child and adult. Should I buy tickets with buffet lunch may be the next question that people guest. There are 2 issues that you might need to find out. 1 how is the variety and the quality of the buffet? 2. Does the food and snack selling in Dreamworld expensive? To reply this questions in brief are there is a similar to 3 star hotel serving for breakfast which is served in the food pavilion valid only for foreign tourist. There are about 10 dishes in Thai style. If you like to control budgets, you may consider book injuries and lunch.

dream world ticket priceThere are other things to eat as well, you could go to KFC or food stall which offer a higher price than the local market, but it is affordable which is around 20-50 THB/ snack for 1 person serve.

Food at dream world

The local Thai Resident rate has very good special rate

Dream World Map

 allow 450 THB/person (in 2016). If you are not Thais, but resident, you must show at the permanent resident document.

 hope you find our information useful, If there are any questions or need to know more information, you are welcome and we are waiting to hear from you

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