Top 5 places to add to Bangkok day tour

Top 5 places to add to Bangkok day tour
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Add 5 Top sightseeing to your Bangkok Day tour

Do you remember your first time for Bangkok day tour?

Do I remember my first time to visit Bangkok? The answer is no. It was several decades ago. I visited Bangkok when I was very young at 7 years old. The memory of Bangkok was very little in the 1970s. But I still remember Bangkok when I came as a college student in the 90s. It was very scary back then. Bangkok then and now does not differ much in my opinion.

Bangkok when I start to involve with tour business

As a tour guide, I still remember my first Bangkok day tour too, I took a customer to the temple tour. I was well prepared with script talk but customers was kind and make the trip went well. >> Lucky me

What make Bangkok outstanding ?

It can’t deny that Bangkok is a very famous destination. There is over 20 million visitors visit Bangkok annually. Some visitors use Bangkok as travel hubs for transit flight to close by destinations. There are shopping mall and flea market, good food at reasonable price. There is also man made sightseeing and cultural attraction. Cultural sightseeing of Bangkok is very uniquely Thai and different from other parts of the world.

What is the top sightseeing of Bangkok that you think it is best ?

To answer the question above is not easy ,since people have different lifestyle. But we will recommend based on uniqueness of Thai culture which is worth to see.

Recommend Bangkok for First time visitor

After review a thousand listing in tripadvisor, lonely planet , yelp, and more may bring more headache for travelers who not familiar with our town.

To make things easy for you , Lets-tour-bangkok has a place that we would like to introduce . In the eyes of tour business people and base on cultural rich focus, we highly recommend you visit all of them if you can. Add the sightseeing below in your listing of Bangkok Day Tour package.

.. So you can SEE, LEARN , and TOUCH ….The real Bangkok ..

The Grand Palace … Must seeing place

The Bangkok Grand place is unforgettable and remarkable beautiful palace and temple that you must visit at least once at a time. The Grand Palace Bangkok is a pride of the nation. It is a wonderful palace or a center or art, and architecture of Thai nation has combine and show the glory in fine detail.

Why the Grand Palace should be added in your Bangkok day tour ?

Each building has a sharp idea behind and long story related to believe and faith. There is so colorful and sparkling color that everyone can enjoy.Every turn, you could get a good shot and hearing the story related to Thai monarch and family. Small pieces of color glass mosaic gentry place together to create special form and shape in Thai design.

You can just check on google and see the photos that former visitors were taken , you will understand why this is one of the most famous place that traveler add to top listing in their Bangkok Day Tour.

Royal Barge Museum .. Incredible special boat..

We surprise that the Royal Barge museum is not in the listing of 5 top sightseeing in Bangkok. It may from different reasons. It is not easy to access. Most people travel with a long tail boat or canal tour to visit this place. However, let’s we explain why we highly recommend the Royal Barge Museum as a 2 top recommend places to visit

Function of Royal Barges

The Royal Barge Museum contains ornate barges. The barges will be used in water royal process to the Royal temple visit which held 2-3 years one time.

The highlight of this place is the barges that decorate with special figure and mystical animal. Royal barge made of teak wood decorate with color glass and gold leaf.

Art of Kingdom Museum … SEE inside of the Palace…

When visiting the palace , there are many rooms that you can not access. Inside those rooms, it contains the throne hall, ornament and craft work. It such a pity that tourist are not allow to visit to admire the beauty of this place.

Good new … to see Thai FINE ART CLOSER … is easy ..

Art of Kingdom

Add Art of Kingdom Museum or Anantatsamakom Throne hall as part of your things to do in Bangkok or your Bangkok Day tour. Your seeing and understanding Royal Thai life style is totally complete.

Inside the museum , the Queen Sirikit collects the best craft such as gold ornaments, throne hall made of gold, beetle wing decorative, find detail of wood crave work, small silk weaving or lacquer where you will spends a half day there easily.

Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun located in the Bank of the river of the Kings or Chaophraya river. The tower is in prang design which is the main influent from Cambodia or Khmer Angkor.

Concept of Wat Arun

This is one of the top landmark of Bangkok . The tower ideally from Hindu believe of mouth Meru where the Angle Gods live. Visitor can enjoy stunning view of old Bangkok town. You could see Wat Pho, The Grand Palace, and busy life along the river when the long tailed boat, bus boat and big cruise run back and forth.

Golden Buddha temple

Do you like GOLD ?

Have you ever seen a lot of GOLD ?

Have you ever seen gold weigh 5.5 tons?

Is this starting to getting fun? Yes, our guest. Just answer yes, no, and no in the quest above , you must visit this temple.

Why you should add Golden Buddha temple in things to do in Bangkok or listing of your Bangkok Day tour ?

Because, you are going to see the Buddha statue age over 700 years old, and made of solid gold weigh 5.5 tons. Lets tour Bangkok highly recommended you visit this place and spend time longer than temple tour. Go to Buddha museum and the Chinese museum so you can learn about the story of the Buddha image. What brings the Buddha statue here.

It is truly amazing and sophisticated. …

You can mix and match the cultural sightseeing places and your travel style, that could maximize your utilities. The listing above can visit or make one day tour in Bangkok but it is a little bit tight in time. If you could make it for 2 days that may be better, if you may not bore with cultural stuff.

So….. How do you like our presentation of top 5 things to do in Bangkok or a place that should be listed on your Bangkok day tour ?

I told you that we focus on cultural stuff. If you like shopping and more variety, be a fan with our social media or subscribe email with us.

We will keep you posted when we have more articles up to publish.

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