Guide to find the best Bangkok Dinner cruise for your trip

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If you not sure what cruise operator to select for a Bangkok dinner cruise?

You are at the right place so continue reading. We have some useful information to help you select the right cruise operator that will suite to your budget and interest.

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Do I need to attain Bangkok Dinner Cruise?

We do not know too. So the answer can be yes and no which is up to your expectation?

1.   Romantic Dining

2.   See stunning view of Bangkok in the evening

3.   Enjoy Thai food

4.   See Thai entertainment

By ordering this is the most possible achievement

1.See stunning view of Bangkok in the evening

  1. see Thai entertainment
  2. Enjoy Thai food
  3. Romantic dining

Romantic dining, we have kept it last for some time the cruise is very busy. Therefore, it is possible to over crowd in some cruise.

However, you will got a lot of things more than 4 list above.

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The top reason why dinner cruise is so famous activities in Bangkok

A Bangkok dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya river is one of the most popular things to do in Bangkok in the evening. A couple reasons that Lets-tour-bangkok can confirm you that Bangkok Dinner cruise is popular activities.

1. So many cruise operator

Chaophraya princess cruise, Wonderful pearl, Grand Pearl, Horizon Cruise by Shangri-La, Absara Dinner cruise by Banyan tree , Wah fah rice barge cruise, Manorah Dinner cruise, Yokyor, Vertical cruise, Meridian cruise, River star cruise , yod Siam river cruise, loy nava cruise , white orchid river cruise , supanika river cruise, and riverside cruise .

Believe it or not … Above is the Bangkok dinner cruise operators .. 16 of them . ah ..

Not to mention some Bangkok river cruise operators have more than 5 cruise ships.

We are guesstimate that over 2,000 + passengers join the Bangkok river cruise daily. *** Number tells story why it is so famous

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2. The best way to see Bangkok view at night

The Bangkok dinner cruise provides cruising along the river of the King for 2 hours. The view of Bangkok at night is stunning, houses , five star hotel, pagoda, local market, the Grand Palace, Royal villa makes the night very charming. When visitors visit main sightseeing during the day, later come back to see them at night when joining the Bangkok river cruise, it is a very good feeling.

During enjoy your meal you can enjoy the two sides of the banks of the Chao Phraya River.Bangkok tourist attractions have been decorated with light which make it a very different look compare with at day time.

The dinner cruise passes Wat Kalayanamit, Wat Arunratchaworavararam, Wat Pra Kaew Grand Palace will Rama VIII Bridge and Fort Prasumeru. The light of the spectacular hotels located along the river.

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3. The ticket price is inexpensive

The Bangkok River cruise ticket is very reasonable price and affordable. The ticket cost range from 42 USD – 95 USD / person or 1,400-2,900 THB . When booking with online travel agent such , we offer 10-35 percent discount rate and offer very good conditions.

Free water is served all trip long. Alcohol and soft drinks are not included. Bangkok Dinner Cruise operator serves a different kind of clientele that come from different nations. In each

SO … Do you want to join Bangkok River Cruise yet ? ♣ ♥ ♦ ♦

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Guide to select the right Bangkok dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya river

There are a couple issues that you need to know and pick up the right cruise for you. If you know your travel style well, then you can pick the right service.

Food type serves on a Bangkok dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya river and Cruise size & style

Each Bangkok dinner cruise separates serve food differently. There is a Bangkok river cruise serve international buffet, set menu and ala carte.

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Buffet : Chaophraya cruise, Chaophraya princess cruise, Wonderful pearl, Grand Pearl, Horizon Cruise by Shangri-La, , Vertical cruise, River star cruise , white orchid river cruise , Meridian cruise and riverside cruise . Most of the cruise is very big can carry around 200 -600 people at the time. So international buffet is an easy way to make everyone happy.

Most of them offer Thai and international food dinner buffet.  It is almost like 3.5-5 star hotel breakfast service in Thailand. Some cruise operators provide food stall with fresh cook meal such as sushi, seafood, and noodle for instance. There are also the cruise operators that serve set menu for the customers. They serve private dish for each starter, which are included starter and soup. After that the share 4-5 main dishes will be served later.

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Set Menu : Absara Dinner cruise by Banyan tree , Wah fah rice barge cruise, Manorah Dinner cruise , Loynava cruise and supanika cruise . All cruises fall in this category is small cruise. It is maximum capacity is around 50-80 people. The cruise is in traditional Thai style or Rice barge cruise.

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Ala carte in Thai and international menu : Yokyor, yod Siam river cruise, riverside cruise

Drink and view  : Yodsiam cruise, Private yacht


♠ ♥ ♣Note : Wonderful pearl is the biggest cruise and the most modern, Bangkok river cruise ♠ ♥ ♣

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Table setting during dinner cruise

Then dining table can be set as candlelight it is a special decoration for a honeymoon or dating. Small group can also set a long table to sit together. For a big group, you can take the whole floor or boat. It should be minimum tourist from 50 – 300 persons , it is really depends on cruise operator.

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Cruise Departure Time

Departure time is matter, since some people want to eat quick meanwhile some people want to eat late.

  • Departure time 18:00  Loynava cruise
  • Departure time 18:45 Wah fah rice barge cruise
  • Departure time : 19:00 Chaophraya cruise , Riverside
  • Departure time : 19:30 Chaophraya princess cruise, Wonderful pearl, Grand Pearl, Horizon Cruise by Shangri-La, , Vertical cruise, River star cruise , Manorah Dinner , Meridian cruise

Departure time : 20:00 Absara Dinner cruise by Banyan tree , Loynava cruise, white orchid cruise

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Clientele of each Bangkok river cruise & highlight

In fact, price of river cruise can indicate type of clientele and how much money they would like to spend. The cruise runs by hotel tend to be more expensive and higher standard than local cruise. However, since Lets-tour-bangkok (LJ Biz) has in ticketing for sightseeing and cruise business quite long, we knew what foreign visitors preference to what cruise operator. ** UPDATE information in July 2019

Chaopraya Cruise has worldwide guest which is from the tour counter in the hotel and Thai market. This cruise provides excellent service and entertainment. Thai dance and live bran are entertained here. Food is served here by far is very nice.


Chaophraya princess cruise: This cruise operator has over 5 cruise ships. At 17:00 , they have a special group of Chinese tourist. At 19:30 , there are one dedicate for the India market, another for Chinese and another one for worldwide market. Chaophraya princess provides good food. The singer performs fun entertaining. This cruise in particular makes a lot of tourist dancing. There are saxophone , live brand, and Thai dance.


Wonderful pearl and Grand Pearl are the same cruise operators. Most customers are worldwide market. This cruise operator claims the most luxury and serve the best food and luxuries service. The wonderful pearl is outstanding 3 storey cruise ship with fountain and open air top floor. They have a private reception place before boarding which is very nice.

Horizon Cruise by Shangri-LaThis cruise normally carries hotel guest and upper level clientele in worldwide market. By far, Horizon cruise service the best international food. You can name of expensive food ingredient and you can find here. Bring empty stomach is a recommendation. Those who love to have business chat or quiet place and great view, you could select this cruise since they do not provide neither live brand nor Thai dance.

Absara Dinner cruise by the Banyan tree hotel : This cruise normally carries hotel guest and upper level clientele in the worldwide market as well. The Banyan tree hotel is 5 star brand are not letting you down on making Absara cruise looks luxury with Thai fusion food serve here.

Wah fah rice barge cruise : worldwide guest : the cruise feature traditional Thai style with two menus. Thai set and seafood menu and organize Thai dance along the trip.

Manorah Dinner cruise : worldwide guest and Anantara hotel guest. Guest could enjoy Kim play, string music instrument in rice barge cruise.

Riverside :   big cruise can cater over 500 hundred guests. This is very famous place for local Thai customers. They have special things like grilled BBQ


Yokyor cruise mostly is Thai customer

Vertical cruise : worldwide guest (late 2018 , stop service)


River star cruise  : worldwide guest which departure from YODPIMAN river walk shopping mall


Yod Siam river cruise : worldwide guest who visit Asiatique

Loy nava cruise : worldwide guest

White orchid river cruise : some Chinese and worldwide guest , they also have special cruise serve seafood which is for international tourist

Meridian cruise : service worldwide guest.

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Cruise departure place and how to get there?

Many cruise operators provide shuttle transfer. If there provide, it will be very easy for visitors to take part in the activities. If not, you could go there on your own or hire car or perhaps with tour guide to get there.

Good thing about booking Bangkok cruise is ticket is it is cheap as 150-200 THB/person or 8 USD , easy to manage, and they are responding for any delay that may happen by the driver.

Listing of Bangkok dinner cruise who provide transfer service Chaophraya cruise, Chaophraya princess cruise, Wonderful pearl, Grand Pearl, Vertical cruise, River star cruise , Loy nava cruise, white orchid river cruise

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Cruise service provider with no transfer

Horizon Cruise by Shangri-La, Absara Dinner cruise by Banyan tree , Wah fah rice barge cruise, Manorah Dinner cruise, Yokyor, , yod Siam river cruise, , and riverside cruise

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Mater of cruise departure place

River city

Most cruise departure from River city shopping mall, which is really close to BTS sky train. After dinner cruise and you still active, you can continue to see lady boy show, or top roof bar at Hilton, sirocco, or shopping at Asaitique

Name of cruise service departure from river city shopping mall and Chaophraya cruise, Chaophraya princess cruise, Wonderful pearl, Grand Pearl, Horizon Cruise by Shangri-La, Absara Dinner cruise by Banyan tree , Wah fah rice barge cruise, Manorah Dinner cruise, Yokyor, Vertical cruise, yod Siam river cruise, loy nava cruise , white orchid river cruise, Supannika river cruise

Asiatique & near by area

Veritacal Cruise, Chaphraya princess, Yodsiam cruise

The Icon Siam

Meridian cruise, Chaophraya princess

Hotel  pier or other

Shagrila Hotel   : Horizon cruise

Riverside hotel : Riverside cruise

Aantara river cruise : Manorah Criuse

Sipaya bus boat : Loynava cruise

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Where to Book Dinner Cruise ticket

The Bangkok dinner cruise ticket is available here in our website. We provide almost every Bangkok dinner cruise ticket and private transfer service. Our price is differently cheaper than direct booking. Booking Dinner Cruise ticket with us, we want to make sure you get the best seat for all customers.

Least but not last …

Lets-tour-bangkok hope this help you select the right Bangkok dinner cruise. We open for your suggestion or questions, which could be useful for upcoming visitors who may hesitate or doubt.

Reservation and Booking

If you want to go for a dinner cruise, it is better to make advance booking. Especially, during weekend time, it is packed with Thai tourist. You could get a better seat and whatever request you could get it. In case you to make last minute booking you could go direct at the cruise operator or call up Lets tour Bangkok, we can help to check with the cruise operator or make reservation so you could be sure that you have a seat once you show up.

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