Things to Do in Bangkok, The Grand Royal Palace Bangkok ,Thailand

Most of the tourist destinations in Bangkok will be related to the Arts and Cultures due to Bangkok is the capital of Thailand since 1782 A.D. Moreover, Bangkok is the location of the palace of Chakri Dynasty of The Kingdom of Siam since the establishment of the dynasty.

Chakri Dynastry
TH BKK Grand Palace 280


The tourists who came to visit Bangkok will be impressed from the beauty of the Arts and Cultures of Rattanakosin which is the local identity Arts and Cultures of Bangkok. Besides, the Arts of Rattanakosin has been inspired by the religion of Buddhist which is the national religion of Thailand. The recommended tourist destination in Bangkok where the travelers should not miss out , and add to things to do in Bangkok is The Grand Palace.

How important is the Grand Palace Bangkok?

The Grand Palace or commonly known as Wat Phra Kaew (means the Emerald Buddha Temple) is the complex of the palace of Chakri Dynasty of The Kingdom of Siam, was founded since 1782 A.D. to be the royal palace of The King and the royal family from The King Rama I to The King Rama V of Chakri Dynasty. At present, The King Rama IX and the royal family, the present monarch have their residences at Chitlada Palace where is not the tourist destination. The Grand Palace was known as the palace of the past reigns and the temple of the Emerald Buddha in the present.

Jakgreemaha Prasart, The Grand Palace Bangkok

Things to do in Bangkok : to warhsip the Emerald Buddha

The important of The Grand Palace, this place is the location of Emerald Buddha Temple. The tourists who came to see the Emerald Buddha , but of the things to do in Bangkok for the local is to warship to the Emerald Buddha. The name of Buddha statue is emerald but was made of a jade rather than emerald. The Emerald Buddha was created in the seated posture followed by the Art of Chiang-Saen which is the local Arts of the Northern Thailand. In the past, The Emerald Buddha was placed in the temple in The Kingdom of Lan Na and was invited to be established in Bangkok since The King Rama I of Chakri Dynasty of The Kingdom of Siam.

Emerild Buddha
Sacred water in front of the Grand Palace

The Group of Throne Halls

Due to The Grand Palace is the royal residence from The King Rama I to The King Rama V of Chakri Dynasty so there are many throne halls inside. The famous throne is Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat or Chakri Maha Prasat Throne as this throne will be used for the important royal event such as the celebration of The King and The Queen’s Birthday. The construction of this throne halls  was mixed by the Art of Rattanakosin and the Western Art where is very interested to see.

Apomok Prasart in Bangkok Grand Palace

Taking picture with in the Royal Palace Bangkok

Top recommend things to do in Bangkok  is taking good pictures. Beside, great architecture in the Grand Royal Palace Bangkok ,  you should not missed the mystical figure in Golden color such as Ginnaree , Gin norn as well as the Garuda in wai gesture. A unique statue is guardian inside the Emerald Buddha to protect bad spirit away.

Kinnaree in front of Prasart phrthep bidon

Art of Mural painting on the Gallery

Thai and Asian art is  none-realistic art , Hundred of best craftsman of  the nation come to serve the Royal Palace court and the Emerald Buddha. The painting is about the Great story of Hindu which is called Ramayana  or Ramakian in Thai.

Mural Painting

Special note when visit the Grand Royal Palace Bangkok

To make trip more enjoyable, you could book private tour or join tour with the Royal Palace Bangkok tour guide . You could also rent audio guide as well.

Entrance Of the Grand Palace


If you travel by your own, close to the Grand Palace Bangkok, there are some conman who try to tell you that the Royal Palace Bangkok is closed. Don’t believe them if you travel during open hour.

Location: Na Phra Lan Road, Bangkok (Rattanakosin Island) Wat Phra Kaew entrance fee : 500 THB / person Operation Hour: 08:30am to 03:00pm, Daily  >> The Royal palace may close some area which is depend on holiday.  Ticket is on sales till 03:00-03:30 p.m

Least but not last, add the Grand Palace into your things to do in Bangkok, it will definitely the right decision for sure.