Thailand elephant tours! Things to do in Bangkok

       Thailand elephant tours are one of the famous things to do in Bangkok . Actually, there is not elephant ground inside this big mango city. Then where is the best place to go for elephant tour . Today we are going to talk about where and when that you can have a fun time with elephants when you visit Bangkok.  Before we talk about where to go we would like to introduce some of the activities that most tourists do or participate with an elephant.

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  • Ride on elephant : 10-30 Munities ride on elephant back
  • Elephant Bathing program : splash water , shampoo , swimming and ride on elephant’s neck
  • Elephant show : Elephants were trained to show something extraordinary such as painting, play foot ball or dance
  • Volunteer for old elephant : visitors are observer their life and feed food
  • Elephant camp Chiang Mai – Elephant Baht program

           These are the main activities that people do and have fun with big elephants. In fact the best Thailand elephant tours is not in Bangkok. In Chiang mai and the north of Thailand offer better program and better scenery. However, if you are in Bangkok , these are places that you could make and excursion for the elephant tour as things to do in Bangkok.  Currently, I can think of about 8 places that you could enjoy elephant tours. I rank by the one that LJ Biz teams most like

Places with Thailand elephant tours for one things to do in Thailand.

Khao Yai National Park                                                                                                                    It is a joint tour for a full day which is a long travelling on the road. The tour offer multi activities such as ox cart  ride, visiting waterfalls and nation park. They offer short elephant show and feeding elephant. The highlight is an elephant ride. The elephant treks though the jungle pass the small srteam which you can enjoy the dense forest area.

Day Trip from Bangkok

Elephant World in Kanchanaburi

offers responsible tour program. Anyone who loves to learn about  Elephant ways of living and help old & retired elephants  could come to join the program.

Please note that you spend more time on cooking, farming and helping elephants rather than elephants do something for you. Literary ,  it is an education center which tries to combine fun and knowledge together.  The most interesting program is 2 days or 3 days for observing wild elephant in jungle. Follow the elephant trail and learn to live in the jungle or mahout training program.

Elephant bath and ride at Kanchanaburi . This is one of the most scenic province of Thailand . This city has a scenic view of river Kwai and mountain area draw Bangkok people and foreigner to visit this place. And you could do so many things there after the elephant ride such as visit tiger temples , the bridge on river Kwai and waterfall.

Sampran Elephant ground 

this place offered one of the best elephant show in the country. The most highlight is elephant battle which is the biggest production ever.

Ayutthaya ancient city

Some said it is very hot for elephant ride Ayutthaya . In my view, elephant ride in Ayutthaya shows the traditional way of living of ancient Thai. Elephants dress as in colorful cloth as solder customs. They walk pass ancient temples and ruins which is so nice to have pictures there. To make it more fun, you may join an elephant ride in the evening or early morning to avoid the Sun and load of tourist.

Damnern Sadauk floating market

is one famous things to do in Bangkok. There are elephant tours as optional that tourist can enjoy elephants ride along the canal as well as short elephants show.  The ride on the canal is interesting and fun to go around the farm.

               Now, you know better about elephant tours and can add in the list of things do in Bangkok.  You could touch , play, to see the show , ride an elephant or join the elephant bath program as the way you like and select the area that you would enjoy the time with an elephant at a level you like and comfortable