Indonesia People – Know about Population & Ethnic & Religion


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Population & Ethnic : Indonesia People

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with a population of about 250 million. Over two thirds of the population resides in Java, the center of the country’s economic and political power. According to the last census, the Muslim population is approximately 88% of total population, making Indonesia the largest Muslim society in the world. Indonesian population consists of many ethnicities- 45% Javanese,14% Sudanese,7.5% Madurese and 26% other ethnic groups.

Unity in Diversity : Indonesia People

The Indonesian national motto “Unity in Diversity” points to one of the greatest attractions of the country. There are some 300 ethnic groups due to the unique of geography and history of the country. Many Indonesians may see themselves first by their ethnic and cultural group and secondly as Indonesians. The national language, Bahasa Indonesia can bind people together, and Pancasila, the national philosophy, which stresses the doctrine of unity and universal justice for all Indonesians.

Religion : Indonesia People

About 88% of the population is Muslim. Roughly 10% is Christian (Protestant and Roman Catholic) and approximately 2% is Hindu and Buddhist. All five of these religions are formally recognized in Indonesia and have official national holidays commemorating events of importance to their followers. While the country is predominantly Muslim, the government is secular and therefore is not based on a single religion.  Indonesia is having the issue of population density. The small islands of Madura and Bali, together with Java where accounts for just over 7% of the Indonesia land area, but these islands are populated by some 135 million inhabitants. The population in the special district of Jakarta was 10,187,595 as of November 2011.

By contrast, the province of Papua represents 22% of the total land mass, yet has only 1% of the population. The total population of the island of Sulawesi was over 16 million in 2005. So vast areas of Indonesia have very low population levels, while the majority of the people live in the island of Java and Bali.