Lumpini Park – A Free & Easy Bangkok Attractions


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Things to do

Lumpini Park , A Free & Easy Bangkok Attractions , just add to your Things to see in Bangkok list

The Lumpini Park is multi purpose utility for various recreational activities. It is one of a free Bangkok attractions that welcome everyone to visit. It is similar to Central Park of New York.Only different that there is no snow here EVER. The identity of the age-old trees with large trees surrounded scattered nature is much embellishment. A large pool ,a group of colorful plants and flowers that are beautiful look nice and lush green forests. The palm trees or the graceful bamboo garden that feels serene. With a vast green area among the Buildings are responsible for the ecosystem in the shelter and food source of all life as well.

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Things to do in Lumpini Park

King Rama VI statue in Lumpini Park has built in 1942 to commemorate the grace ofthe Lord Buddha’s birth place, Lumpini Park in Nepal. This place is a natural food sources rich in trees and large garden, making a variety of birds. Who came to rely on more than 30 kinds of this, Chung became a source of management training. Birdwatching course The Lumpini Park held every year.

Lumpini Park during Sun Rise

Lumpini Park organized a yard for recreational activity designed specifically for people with disabilities. It has a ramp instead of stairs. And a special playground. Disabled parking and facilities to provide a space for the disadvantaged or disabled people will have space for everything.

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In Lumpini Park to the National Ice Center

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Lumpini Park’s attractions a virtual gathering of senior groups in Lumpini Park in Bangkok, which is a gathering of senior professional practice relaxation exercises. It is open daily from 06:00 to 18:00 pm daily. In the building also, private dance spin  a dance event training for Saturday – Sunday.

There are also Home of hope for counseling services to help teach Homeless children Open 10:00 to 19:00 daily. Lumpini Park and the BMA Apprentice School offers vocational training in various fields to  public computers such as sewing, cooking facilities are also available at Lumpini Park Public Library. There are also offers knowledge resources, books and videos  Open Tuesday – Sunday.

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Operation , Activities, Events

Lumpini Youth Center offering sports activities and training for children and youth the location and Sports equipment is available for subscribers such as football, swimming, basketball, cross trainers, dance is open Monday – Friday., Thailand,
Sri old food court serving drinks is open every day from water in Lumpini Park has biking and rowing.
Floating rates are around 30 Baht / 30 minutes or sit in the garden to learn about religion, a religious activity.
The monks chanting for Buddhism every last Sunday of the month
At Lumpini Park, you can enjoy music in the park every month.

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Activities of sports facilities

In the park with exhibits, music, Universal Music Thailand and the palm-month period from February to April every Sunday from 16:30 to 20:00 hrs.
Things to do in Lumpini Park by summary Even Lumpini Park is not in the top listing of Bangkok attractios. However, it is free and located in the city center. If you live close by and easy to access , why not consider add this place into your Bangkok vacation.

  • Wake up in the morning and joking there to observe local life of people (recommend at 08.00 a.m.)
  • Taste morning Thai food at open air market
  • Check out special event like jass in the garden, tourism authority of Thailand event, which is good fun for shopping and stall around