Mae Hong Son Thailand – “The City of Three Mists”


Mae Hong Son is one of the northern provinces of Thailand. It is 924 kilometers from Bangkok.

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Mae Hong Son is located on the border of Thailand close to Myanmar. It is called the “Switzerland of Thailand” and also “The City of Three Mists” because this town is covered with mist during all three seasons.

In the winter, there is the dewy mist; in the summer, the forest fire mist, and in the monsoon season, the rainy mist. This town always hides itself between mountains with forested slopes.

People and Charm

The province is charming and well known because of its scenery and culture. The elements of people’s lifestyles have changed a little.

People living in Mae Hong Son are the Shans, who live in the city, and the hill tribe people known as Karen, Lisu, Mhong, Lahu, and Lua, who live in remote villages on the top of the mountains. They have their own lifestyles, customs, traditions and many other things that are popular tourist attractions.

People live in the city has strong influent from Myanmar. They have a very different culture from the Northern Thailand. It is worth to visit.

Time to Travel to Mae Hong Son Thailand

The best time to visit Mae Hong Son is during the winter each year. It starts from October to February. We would like to recommend to avoid long weekend or Thai holiday such as new year. It will be over the crown. You may consider travel during mid or early September to October since the room are in low season rate. The weather is also nice due to late monsoon.

Best time to go :  October – February

Avoid : Thai weekend such as New year, Chinese New Year

How to get there?

Road Trip

If you do not mind curvy road, you could take a ride from Chiang mai which is taken around 4- 5 hours. It is a good idea to go by road since you can stop at Pai


There are no direct flight from Bangkok to Mae Hong Son.

In 2019 , the most updated information about fly to Mae Hone Son can be made via Chiang mia.

Bangkok airway

CNX-HGN  PG351  09.20-10.05

HGN-CNX  PG353  16.15-17.00


Meanwhile, taking bus from Bangkok is possible for 15 hours.

Local bus from Chiang mai is around 6 hours

Highlight of Mae Hong Son Thailand

  • Pai , small town with many things to do such as trekking,waterfall
  • Exotic temple at Wat Doi kong moo
  • Plu klon (mud spa)
  • Nature , flower , picture spot
  • Rich and strong community base travelling

Culture & Historical Sites

Wat Phathat Doi Kong Moo (วัดพระธาตุดอยกองมู)

A former name of this temple is Wat Plai Don, A temple is on the mountain. You will enjoy viewing and landscape of Mae Hong Son, worth million baht and thousand smiles. Make a wish from Luang por than chai (main Buddha statue). Observing the temple which is very different from the temple in another part of Thailand since combine with Thai , Tai Yai (east of Myanmar), and Myanmar influence.

Highlight : Sunset view is nice and worth to wait for if time permit.

Location : Chong Kham, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000

Wat Doi Jong Klang and Wat Doi Jong Came (วัดจองกลาง วัดจองคำ)

This is two temples are located in the middle of the city which looks like this  are in the same temple. The temple is totally reflation of Thai Yai people. Wat Doi Jong came has the relic of the Buddha enshrine inside.

Highlight is pagoda in Mon style (Mon is minority group lived in central Myanmar)

Address : Chong Kham , Muend Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000

Admission fee : Free

Sutongpe bamboo bridge  (สะพานไม้ซุตองเป้)

During rice crop season (Jun-October by estimate), you will walk on the bridge which below is rice field in green or yellow color. Local people made this bridge as walk way for Buddhist monk to use for do daily activity. Every morning, the Buddhist monks will do arm bowl walk. It is around 06.00 and local people will wait day to offer food and flower.

Address : Pang Mu, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000

Admission fee : Free

Highlight : Early rise for offering food to the monks

Nature and Adventure

Tham Lod (ถ้ำน้ำลอด)

This is an unseen travel spot which recognized by Tourism Authority of Thailand. Visiting inside the cave can go with local guide on the riding of bamboo boat. Walking inside the cave with the lamp and enjoy the natural beauty of stalagmite and stalactite cave.

Open : 08.00-16.00

Admission fee : National park 200 , Bamboo rafting 550 THB/ 4 person

Plu Klon  (ภูโคลน) – MUD SPA surrounded by mountain

Mud spa village. Experiencing mud spa that found by accident. Mud and mineral water here has passed the high standard test from Thermalium Luxeuil Laboratorie in France. Pampering yourself with a high standard product with a very low price and bring back home for souvenir.

Address : Mok Cham Pae, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000

Fee : 900 THB

Tham Pla (ถ้ำปลา)

This is a part of national park a small place with nice grounds. Inside a hole, you can see many of very big and long fishes live inside. The hole connects to big cave inside. The fishes are in blue color and visitors allow to feed them.

Address : 70 Moo 1 Thampla – Pasua waterfall, T, Huaypa, P.Mae Hong Son

Tel 082-191-1746

Pang Oung (ปางอุ้ง)

This is a nature area with highland reservoir and pine tree surrounded. Morning mist rise from the water is very nice. The sight will be unforgettable. It was magnificent. Nature here is very beautiful and recognize for the Thai tourist as Thailand Switzerland.

Highlight : In January ,Cherry blossom trees is fully bloom . And some people call this as a camping paradise

AddressBan Rak Thai, Mok Cham Pae, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000 (very near Pai village)

Sai Ngam Hot Spring น้ำพุร้อนไทรงาม 

Enjoy the 3-teir natural warm water, which is shaded with natural trees. This hot spring is warm and proper for the body. It is not too hot or not too cold. The water ins in emerald green and surrounded by nature which is nice and relaxing to visit. Some believe it helps to heal Rheumatoid arthritis and Beriberi . Come and try Thai onsen.

Recommend : Arrive before 10 is less tourist.

Entrance Fee :  200 thb for National park fee + 20 THB  for hot spring

Address :   12 kms from Pai  , U-Mong, Mae Na Toeng, Pai District, Mae Hong Son 58130 ,

Toilet and changing room as well as vendors to buy snack are there.

Konglen Canyon at Pai (กองแลน ปายแคนย่อน)

Walking on the dangerous Pai canyon and memorial bridge is what people enjoy. It is not really big, but interesting trails to go see the sunset.   It is a big NOTE that there are no railing to hold. It is very dangerous and not safe.

Entrance fee : Free

Address  : T.Mae Hee , Pai District , Mae Hong Son

Tong Dok Bua Tong (ทุ่งดอกบัวตองที่ ดอยแม่อูคอ)

Another check in point that should not be miss of this province is flower blossom. This is tree marigold or Mexican sunflower which is the same family of Sun flowering which grow by Mexican praise. During November to December , this flower blossom is very nice .

Address :  Mae U Kho, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son 58140

Mae Hong Son Day Trip

Mae Hong Son Package Tour

Community base tourism

Moo Ban Rak Thai (หมู่บ้านรักไทย)

After driving pass various dangerous curves, the village appears on the bank of the lake. A small village near the Myanmar border is resident of JEEN HOR (จียฮ่อ) which is Yunnan immigrants. They settle here long time ago, relate to KTM (Kuo Ming Tang). This place is like a little China. The people grow best tea so call Ulong. When you walk up to hill , you can see house made of dirt which is very different scenic of other area of Thailand.

Wake up in the morning, walking around village and sip a cup tea, which is simply and the best relaxing.

Address : Naam Rank Thai , A.Muang , Mae Hong Son

Baan Pang Pong บ้านผาบ่อง

The living area of Pakakayor and Tai Yai. Touch and feel the nature here by live within home stay. Eat as Tai Yai people. Making hat with your own hand . Walking to the landmark of Thai

สานหมวกกุ๊บไต เดินชมแลนด์มาร์ค สะพานข้าว 3 เพื่อสุขภาพ  อาหารไทใหญ่

Address : Pang Mu, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000

Long Neck Village 

Former name  Baan Nam Piang Din (บ้านน้ำเพียงดิน) , Current Name , Baan Huay Poo Keang (บ้านห้วยปูแกง)

Baan Nam Piang Din is a home of long neck people. People must take long-tailed boat and connect with dirt road to get there. It is a nice trip to see the people way of living.

Take part in of home stay workshop by making your own bamboo cup, crave a kayon doll or make a brass bracelet and create to make scarf and headband.

Going there can be by car, motorbike or long-tail boat trip.

Address : Pha Bong, Mueung Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 5800

Admission fee : 500 THB/person

Baan Muang Pam (บ้านเมืองแพม)

This is a small village in Pangmapa surrounded by the mountain. Villager made their own house hold utensil such cap and food container. Take part in craft work such as your coffee mug from bamboo wood.

You would not appreciate your cloth and till you made it on your own at least one. It is a chance to create Karen fabric design. It will be a fabric that you will really pound .

Address :  Baan Muang Pam , Pangmapa, Mae Hong Son

Baan Jabo (ชุมชนบ้านจ่าโบ่)

A place that you really get close to hill tribe living (Lahu). You will eat with them, sleep in their house and talk to them in the evening while the sunset. Enjoy the gorgeous view that this small town can offer. Visitors will also know, see and enjoy a home cooking meal without using cooking gas, how is it like.

Do you know that Lahu also has a special amulet? They will also teach you how to make one of it.

Highlight : at the noodle shop very nice view point

Address :  Pang Mapha, Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son 58150


Evening market in front of Wat Jongcam and Wat Jong Klang

It is a good time to buy savior such as scarf , bags, ornament , t-shot which including goods that made by hill tribe people . Eating and snacking there is also nice to do . Some tourist chose to release hot air balloon for wishing luck. Walk on the opposite site of the river

Address : Chong Kham, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000

Pai Walking Street

Handmade and carve work products are offered on the street of Pai. I am sure you can find good, and unique product here. It is also a fun place for listens to folk music or eating here.

Address : Pai city center

Mae Hong Son Day Trip

Mae Hong Son Package Tour