Mae Hong Son Thailand


Mae Hong Son is one of the northern provinces of Thailand. It is 924 kilometers from Bangkok. Mae Hong Son is located on the border of Thailand close to Myanmar. It is called the “Switzerland of Thailand” and also “The City of Three Mists” because this town is covered with mist during all three seasons. In the winter, there is the dewy mist; in the summer, the forest fire mist, and in the monsoon season, the rainy mist. This town always hides itself between mountains with forested slopes.

People and Charm

The province is charming and well known because of its scenery and culture. The elements of people’s lifestyles have changed a little. People living in Mae Hong Son are the Shans, who live in the city, and the hill tribe people known as Karen, Lisu, Mhong, Lahu, and Lua, who live in remote villages on the top of the mountains. They have their own lifestyles, customs, traditions and many other things that are popular tourist attractions. If you would like to go to Mae Hong Son, you can travel by car, bus, or by air. There are several airlines that fly to Mae Hong Son every day.

Time to Travel to Mae Hong Son Thailand

The best time to visit Mea Hong Son is during winter each year. It start from October to February. We would like to recommend to avoid long weekend or Thai holiday such as new year. It will be over crown. You may consider travel during mid or early of September to October since the room are in low season rate. The weather is also nice due to late monsoon.

How to get there ?

If you do not mind curvy road, you could take a ride from Chiang mai which is take around 4- 5 hours . Direct flight (writing in May 2014) can be book via NOK air, low cost airline. Traveling from Bangkok, can be made via connecting flight in Chiang mai only. There are no direct flight from Bangkok to Mea Hong Son. Meanwhile, taking bus from Bangkok is possible for 15 hours.

Highlight of Mae Hong Son Thailand

Baan Nam Peang Din is a home of long neck people. People must take long-tailed boat and connect with dirt road to get there. It is nice trip to see the people way of living. This place is not like people zoo. Tampla : A cave with small steam to observe fishes that live there. It is very unique experience City temples and market : People live in city has strong influent from Myanmar. They has a very different culture from the Northern Thailand. It is worth visit. Pluklone. Mud spa village. Experience local spa here. It is not a luxury place but worth experience.