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Things to do

What to do in Bangkok and at Museum Siam?

Museum of Siam is a Thai National Discovery Museum Institute under the National Curriculum. The museum is not boring due to interactive and multi-media design makes it very interesting. The exhibit brings modern media to help create visual interest to explain the history of Thailand., ethnicity, art, culture and traditional. Now you start to know this interested museum, no need to worry about what to do in Bangkok, just visit here you can spend time for 2-3 hours.

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The museum is located at Ta Tiean Sanamchai Road, Prabrommaharachawang, Pranakorn Bangkok.The building is a former part of the Ministry of Commerce. Later, the museum won awards for outstanding architecture, art conservation.

The first room of the Museum Siam

This room will take the audience away back to the story’s origin from Bangkok to Siam Country till Thailand now a day. There 5 minute video display about the Kingdom in the region which start from Suwannabhum to Rattanakosin or Bangkok period.

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Room 2 : Authentic Thai (ไทยแท้)

Find the answer of for those who looking for the real Thainess. What is the real Thainess mean?What on earth does it mean? Since the Thais has also try to seek of their root and wonder of their origination. Maybe the right answer is in this room.

There are display lot of things that indicted as Thainess in this room with the questions and statements that will make you thinking Thainess.

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Room 3,4  : Prehistory and Introduction to Suvarnabhumi Museum of Siam

A prehistory room before Thais or Siam was settle. This area was once called Suvannabhumi which is the same pronunciation of Bangkok airport. Follow by the revaluation of people who gain and apply various of knowledge ,such as agricultural, believe , politic, religion and education to make their life better.

Room 5 : Buddhism and Suvarnabhumi

Explain the core of Buddhist teaching and arrival route of Buddhism. What is Buddhist practicing and many more.

Room 6 : Beginning of Siam

This room display power of a different Kingdom in each region. Each Kingdom which rules in the past , gave a legacy as Thailand is now a day.

Room 7 : Siam

The room is explain about Ayutthaya Kingdom. The powerful Kingdom which good with trading, ruling its people, and create unique culture and art forwarding to Rattanakosin Kingdom(Bangkok).

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Room 8 , 9 and  10

The room shows the strategy related to war, map and troop during the Ayutthaya period. There are also introduce other cities under Ayutthaya rule.

Room 11 Rural life of outside Bangkok

Rural life in agriculture has not been changed much since the pass till Bangkok period. This room intends to show tools , farm and way of living of people

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Room 12 -16  Thailand

Rural life in agriculture has not been changed much since the pass till Bangkok period. This room intends to show tools , farm and way of living of people.

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The review of Museum Siam comes to an end. Lets tour Bangkok hope you enjoy reading it. If you like history , have lot curiosity about Thailand and do not know what to do in Bangkok, please consider this museum for your free time. Perhaps, lets us know how do you like this place.