Nanta show Bangkok, Cooking and Kung Fu Show from Korean

Many people have opportunity to see show run by famous Broadway Korean Nanta Show in Korea. The show is an unique through provocative gestures and convey the fun story. The music is blended with Korean folk music with modern rhythms. You do not have to travel to Korea. It’s a chance to enjoy the show filled with fun the whole family can see in Bangkok now. Nanta show Bangkok  become one of the top nightlife sightseeing in Bangkok.

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The outstanding Nanta Show

Nanta Show is a show that does not speak the language. Only use the body language and gestures made the actors can communicate with the audience during the show. Yes, it made all nations can understand Nanta Show easily  even the little kids can enjoy the show.

Talented of this show

The show is a cooking show. They have high creativity by using kitchenware, modified home appliance, Korean instrument during the show. Participation with audient is a lot which the actor bring some of audient to the show to taste the soup come and cook with the chefs. Another highlight of the show is the Water Drum Sequence that  the five actors will come together to show drumming techniques with light and water.
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The story of Nanta Show

A story of Nanta show begin and ended in the kitchen, the chef and his crew must cook and prepare food for the wedding banquet within one hour. There is a lot of crazy thing going on during the working hour. The show involes acrobatics , magic tricks , comedy, pantomime and wonderful audience participation. The performers has well train improvised instruments, such as cutting boards, water canisters and kitchen knives. We don’t to dig in to much of detail but as you know most of movie and soap opera has happy ending at the end.

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The theater and how to get there

Location of the theater is at the Bangkok Playhouse RCA Plaza. The location is in Bangkok city center that visitors can reach there by MRT. You can arrange free transfer departure from Phetburi station. When go out of exit one the Nanta transport will park there. The vehicle leave the parking lot at 19:30. It take around 10 munities to get to the theater which is not far from MRT station.

Lately, in December 2018 , Nanta show will move to SHOW DC. We will keep this update information once they already move.

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Nanta Show Bangkok : Operation Time

  • Nanta Show run daily at 20:00, except Monday

Since the theater is very small, in case that booking is very full, additional show is running at 17:30

The Nanta show Bangkok  performance is awesome and the plot simple and so fanny. We definitely recommend to everyone to see at least one. For at trip of family, and friends with young children, you will definitely have a good time with this sightseeing in Bangkok.