Nan Thailand : Charming Town in the North

Nan is one of Northern Thailand’s most peaceful provinces. The town is cradled in a lush valley far away from Chiang Mai around 320kms at the east (4 Hours’ drive), near the north-eastern bordered by Laos. The sleepy town was the centre of an independent little kingdom and has a long history related to neighboring kingdoms such as Laos, Sukhothai, Lanna. The evidences are shown by some ancient sites in Nan nowadays.

What can you do in Nan Thailand ?


This province features 6 national parks, including the stunning Doi Phukha National Park, which contains mountains nearly 2,000 m high. The rich natural beauty of this town makes it an ideal destination for trekking if you really want a unique experience, as the remote and untouched. You will find that it’s home to the rarely seen of many hill tribes like, Thai Lu, Htin and Khamu hill tribes.Doi phuka

Nan Thailand, City

In the center city it has a relaxed charm, typically unhurried town with empty streets, an interesting history, some impressive temples, and a good museum. With a prime location in the hills on the border with Laos, Nan offers nature trekking and tours of 3-4 days, including elephant riding and whitewater rafting in the most recommended wildest rivers in Thailand which adventure lovers would love it!.Nan city

Temples and Cultural
Phrathat Chae Haeng

There are several well-known temples worth visiting, but the one that you must visit is “Phrathat Chae Haeng” is a 600-year-old community situated three kilometers from the city and was built in the Sukhothai period, decorated in Lanna and Thai Lu style.Pratat Chae Haeng

Nan National Museum

Worth a quick stop is the Nan National Museum. The building is a combination between European style in the age of King Rama V and the native arts of Nan. It was originally used as the royal pavilion, but now has turned into the museum. The museum is divided into two floors. The first floor shows the living of tribes in Nan including important festivals. The second floor is a display of antiques that was found in Nan dated from the pre-historic age.Nan national museum

Wat Phumin

Near the museum, Wat Phumin is located in Phumin Village and has beautifully-carved wood doors facing four directions. Inside, there is the most famous mural painting in the province. It is one of a-must-to-see, the painting of a couple, showing the best handiwork of age-old painting. Other paintings display the way of life and culture of the past.Wat Phumin

Wat Suan Tan

Also known as “The temple of the sugar palm grove” is a 14th Century temple in Nan with a large Sukhothai style Chedi which features a 4.11-metre high bronze Buddha.Wat Suan Tan


If you have time, don’t miss “Kat laeng” an evening market on the banks of Nan River. Highlights include traditional Thai handicrafts, souvenirs, and various types of other products at bargain prices.Market

When is good to visit?

In Nan, the wet season start from June to October and is overcast so it’s kind of hard to do sightseeing or trekking. perhaps, it’s gonna rain and you’ll get all wet. Summer season will start from March to May with clear blue sky and an average temperature is around 35 °C. The cool season in Nan last for 3 months, from November to January and the average temperature is below 30 °C. Many people visit the province in October and November for the Traditional Boat Race. The city comes alive with the celebrations. See the elaborately decorated boats which are made from large logs.

Nan is a good town for anyone who loves the nature and non-busy city life.
Here you can spend your day going to the temples, trekking in the nature or even chill at some cool café shop and just enjoy the moment.
This charming sleepy town is waiting for you to come and have a good time, trust me it won’t disappoint you