What to do in Pattaya have a variety of activities for fun. There are island, amusement park, theme park, cultural show, sightseeing, shopping complex, temples and activities to find out what to do and where to go

What to do in Pattaya :


Koh Larn(เกาะล้าน) 

is a beautiful island located about 7km far from the coast of Pattaya Beach. The Island is around 4km long and 2km wide and is home to approximately one thousand residents. Most of the locals reside in the main village. On the island there are six beaches that have white sand and with crystal clear blue water. It is good for swimming, sunbathing and fishing, snorkeling, parasailing, seabed walking, banana boat ride. The areas are mainly mountainous and mostly covered with jungle.

Nearby Koh Lan there is a beautiful island called Koh Samet.


Mimosa Pattaya – A community lifestyle mall on Sukhumvit road opposite Ambassador City Pattaya


The decoration is in old European style in the 15th century, the food plaza serves at reasonable price. There are also various kinds of restaurants with open air dining area. This is a simply the perfect place for Asian tourist who love to take a picture. It is best to visit in the late afternoon. There is performer walk around and you can take a picture with. There is a show of cabaret start from 18.30, 19.45 and 21.00

Nong Nuch Tropical Botanical Garden

Is a 600-acre landscaped park featured with orchid nurseries, cactus garden and a man-made lake. Daily cultural shows include folk dances, traditional ceremonies, sword fighting, cock fighting, and Thai boxing demonstrations as well as an elephant show.
nong nuch

The garden is constantly developing and evolving, creating new interests of our loyal members and returning guests. Nong Nooch garden is also dedicated to education, preservation and research as well as the conservation of the worlds LARGESTpalm collection, the largest variety of Orchids in Thailand and other tropical flora and fauna.

Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm features

Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

A natural landscape with Thai plants, as well as a fascinating collection of bonsai trees and massive ancient trees becoming solid rocks. The park contains a large crocodile farm and a small zoo with a collection of animals which almost extinct. An exciting crocodile show can be seen here.

Cabaret Shows

lady boy show

Live of entertainment featuring song, dancing, comedy or drama acts. there are three venues of transvestite cabarets (lady boys) in Pattaya; Alcazar CabaretTiffany Shows andColosseum Show

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo

tiger zoo

Features several hundred tigers and thousands of alligators as well as some other animals. It has often been criticized for the animals’ living conditions. There are interesting animal shows such as Tigers, Elephants and Circus shows, Tiger Feed Piglets, Crocodile Feeding, Elephant Riding and many more.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

This unusual museum houses a wide collection of some of Mr. Ripley’s most unusual finds; some of them actual items, some are replicas. The objects are divided into 250 categories, such as optical illusions, Shrunken Head,3-Legged Horse, Werewolf Girl. the peculiar lifestyles of unusual people and ancient torture devices. Eerie and spooky!

In another section, Ripley’s World of Entertainment offers aMotion Master Theatre, Haunted Adventure, Infinity Maze, Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks and so on. complete with flight simulator technology.

Tuxedo Show (Magic Show)

Tuxedo Show

 Mr.Tuxedo who gave up his engineering career to be a professional magician. Mr.Tuxedo combined his engineering know-how with in-depth magic study to create and transform magic tricks into mesmerizing magic shows. Mr.Tuxedo set up the first world-class magic theatre in Thailand, featuring a full range of magic performances, to share all the success he has achieved with Thais and foreigners to enjoy world-standard magic shows, the very same ones enjoyed by world-wide audience.

Kaan Show

kaan show

A spectacular cinematic live experience and it’s the first new hybrid of live action and cinema, stage performance in Thailand. Invite you to the world of imagination. Kaan Showgets inspiration from Thai Traditional Literature including Prince Aphai Mani , Kinnaree (half-bird, half-woman), Krai-Thong, Ramakian and much more. Applied and new creative into 90 minute miracle to make you forget all the show ever seen before!

Pattaya dolphin world


One and only dolphin show in Pattaya, its experience spectacular a must see in Pattaya. Suitable for children and adults because it’s has much more activities to do e.g. the dolphin show, Swimming along with dolphins, Gun Shooting, ATV Riding, Rock Climbing and Horse Riding activities.

Teddy Bear Museum

teddy bear

With teddy bear over 2000 from Korea, Teddy Bear Museum is divided into the 14 zone, such as Dinosaur, Under the Sea, Safari , Europe Zone ,Thailand and many more. It’s a nice place for kids.
Art in Paradise Pattaya

art in paradise

The first of the 3D Museum in Thailand, More than 200 pictures about Painting Art ( Magic of illusions in a 3 dimensional format ), Object Art (A new concept in the creation of art) and Digital Art (Exhibition space by using computer technique). So this place is a paradise for people who love to take pictures!

Underwater World

underwater world

Is an aquarium where there is a collection of marine species in the Gulf of Thailand such as sharks, stingrays, eels and lobsters. The tunnel is 105 meters long divided into 4 zones. Touching various kinds of harmless marine lives is an exciting activity. Feeding show is fun to see.

Mini Siam

mini siam

Is regarded as the heritage of Thailand with miniature replicas of the most famous monuments and historical sites, including the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Democracy Monument, Bridge over the River Kwai, Prasat Hin Phimai etc. Moreover, there are miniatures of well-known European places such as the Tower Bridge of London, Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.


Sanctuary of Truth (ปราสาทสัจธรรม)

Sanctuary of Truth

This gigantic wooden structure is situated by the sea at Laem Ratchawet, North Pattaya. The sanctuary of Truth was first built in 1981. With exquisite architectural features, the building was conceived out of the vision that human civilization has been achieved and nurtured by religious and philosophical truth.

Khao Phra Tam Nak or Khao Phra Bat (เขาพระตำหนัก หรือ เขาพระบาท)

Is a high point for a panoramic view of the whole city of Pattaya and its crescent bay.
Khao Phra Tam Nak or Khao Phra Bat

Locals and visitors come here to pay homage to Wat Khao Phra Bat atop the hill and the monument of Kromluang Chomphonkhetudomsak, who is regarded the “founding father of the modern Thai navy.” and Suan Chaloemphrakiat (สวนเฉลิมพระเกียรติ) Khao Phra Tam Nak Road. Nearby there is the Wat Khao Phra Bat temple featuring a Buddha statue more than 18 meters tall.

Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan (วัดญาณสังวรารามวรมหาวิหาร)

Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan

Covers an area of 366 rai. It was constructed in 1976 for Somdet Phra Yanasangwon, the present Supreme Patriarch and later was supported by His Majesty the King. Within the compound of the temple are the Mondop where a replica of the Buddha’s footprint is enshrined, a large Chedi containing the relics of the Lord Buddha, as well as, his enlightened followers, and Wihan Phra Yanaret.




The most popular destination in Pattaya for diving buffs is the Hardeep Wreck which was sunk by the allies in the Second World War. The wreck lies on its starboard side at a maximum depth of 26 meters. There are a lot of destinations for diving such as Ko Rin, Ko Lan, Ko Man Wichai, Ko Hu Chang, Ko Khrok, Ko Sak and the Wreck of HTMS Khram.

Bungy Jump

Bungy Jump

Is found near the fishing pond on the Jomtien Fishing Park. Flying for entertainment can be played at major places such as Pattaya Air Park, Chon Buri Flying Club and CMT Flying Club.

Motor Sports

pattayakart speedway

Pattaya Kart Speedway is a cart racing circuit where there are separate lanes for professionals and amateurs. Also, Go-cart racing is a fun activity.

This is the main destinations for tourists, it has a lot of attractions or activities to do.

So if you don’t know where to go and don’t want to go far from Bangkok but still want to experience cool stuff this is the place for you!