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Things To Do in Pattaya, Beach & Relaxing 

Pattaya beach was a small fisherman village. Back in the 70’s Pattaya was the destination for many America GI’s turning this small town into a famous international beach.

Cutting a crescent around the Bay, the city’s main beach is a peninsula of basting suntanned flesh, souvenir stalls and sand castles. The coconut scent of suntan oil hangs in the air, and a knot of high-rise hotels, dive shops, and golf courses cater to the legions.

Getting from Bangkok to Pattaya is easy to travel by road. It take just 1.30 hrs from Bangkok airport or 2 hours from Bangkok. You can travel to Pattaya by private car, bus, train,  air plane, songthaew and cruise.

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Temple & Culture

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Thing to do with Family and Animal

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Art & Museum

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Beach & Relaxing

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Nong Nuch Pattaya