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Gems of Bangkok 

          Wat Suthat is not in the top listing of places to visit in Bangkok. Even the location is very close the Grand Palace and located in the old city and in front of the Bangkok metropolitan building. This is one of the most important temple since there is 2 of Thai King relic enshrine here. One of them is the King Rama I, the founder of Bangkok.

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There are a number of good reasons to add Wat Suthat into your things to do in Bangkok           

           1.  Long history     

           2. Warship the old Buddha statue 

           3. Find out special event that’s going on at the temple daily                                                     

           4. Near other landmark of Bangkok

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Each year, the current King will has an official visit to commemorate the Royal Krathin ceremony, which is one of the most important royal activities related to Buddhism. Moreover, this is also for pay respect to the Kings Rama I,the founder of Bangkok or the King who established Rattanakosin period.

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Long History of Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat Thep Wararam Rajavoraviharn or commonly known as Wat Suthat was founded since the reign of The King Rama I, the objective to build this temple is to place the Buddha statue named Phra Srisakayamuni which is invited from Sukhothai (Northern Thailand). The construction and decoration have been preceded from the reign of The King Rama I and completed in the reign of The King Rama III.  At the present, the location of the temple is near to Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Office.

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cr. http://www.dhammathai.org/watthai/bangkok/watsutat.php

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Things to Worship: Phra Srisakayamuni

Phra Srisakayamuni is the Buddha statue as the main sacred Buddha statue of Wat Suthat, was made from bronze followed by the Arts of Sukhothai. Phra Srisakayamuni is the biggest Buddha statue which is made by the sculpture method in the early of 25th Buddha Era. At the basement of Buddha statue, the ahesh of The King Rama I and the King Rama VIII placed underneath of the Buddha statue. Behind the Buddha Statue, there is the stone inscriptions was describing the story of Buddha, was created followed by the Arts of Dhavaravadi, this is the rare item and only founded at this temple.

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  1. Daily Mediation  Wat Suthat held meditation in each day. In late afternoon around 5-6 p.m, the Buddhist monk and local people are gathering for chanting and meditation.
  2. The special event is also processed here during Songkran, The water festival which Thais come to play and decorate the temple with color flag and create pagoda from sand.

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The Giant Swing , Landmark and Places to visit in Bangkok     

The Giant Swing or commonly known as Sao Ching Cha is the structure related to the religion of Hindu-Brahman was founded since the reign of The King Rama I. The Giant Swing was made of the wood in red color, the height is around 21 meters and the diameter of the stone base is around 10 meters. The latest renovation of The Giant Swing is in 2006 A.D. The Giant Swing is not only the symbol of Wat Suthat but also the symbol of Bangkok.



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Location: Phra Nakorn District (near Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Office), Bangkok

Operation Hour: 8.00am to 4.30p m, Daily

Lets tour Bangkok hope you enjoy our review of Wat Suthat , We encourage you to add this temple into your places to visit in Bangkok. You should to miss to visit this place if you interest in meditation and art.  If you love less busy place or non-toursity places to visit in Bangkok, you must come here.

Entrance fee : 100 THB / person


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Things to do in Bangkok

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Top Recommend Attraction in Bangkok

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