Golden Buddha temple – The most interesting place

” The Golden Buddha statue is a must see, made of 5.5 ton of solid gold “

wow , That is a lot of gold.
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This temple is included in the Bangkok temple tour, not only because the value of material of Buddha statue, but also the beauty and the long history and interested stories of the Golden Buddha. The temple also lists in top travel media and place as the most interesting places to visit in Bangkok. There is no wonder why this place is also busy and everyone would like to see.

wat trimit vihara , the building contain Golden Buddha inside

This picture above is the building complex inside Wat Trimit. The Golden Buddha statue is placed inside the tall building with spire on the top. The building is called Pha Wihan.

Brief History of  The Temple of Golden Buddha

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Wat Traimit Witthayaram Voravihan or commonly known as Wat Traimit or The Temple of Golden Buddha, there is not any evidence to show the year of the establishing of the temple, but the villagers around the temple believe that there are 3 Chinese men to build this temple together due to the former temple name is Wat Sam Chin which means the temple of the 3 Chinese men. Later, the temple name has been changed to be Wat Traimit which means the temple of the 3 friends at the present.

The location of the temple is near to Chinatown and Hua Lam Phong Railway Station.

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Things to Worship: The Golden Buddha

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The Golden Buddha is the Buddha statue was made of the gold followed by the Arts of Sukhothai, the posture of the Buddha statue is seated position. The value of The Golden Buddha is around 8.9 Millions USD as the material of the creation is pure gold so the value of The Golden Buddha is not only for the soul of the Buddhists in Thailand but also invaluable due the gold which is contained in Buddha statue. The history of The Golden Buddha is so excited as this Buddha statue. There are no clear record when it was build and why it was in Bangkok. In the pass, the Golden Buddha was covered by the material of stucco to hide the golden material inside. There is the accident during the relocation of The Golden Buddha as a crack so the gold has been discovered to be The Golden Buddha as we can see in the present.

Things to Sightsee: Phra Maha Mondop

Phra Maha Mondop is the 4 stories-building. The 4th floor is the place of The Golden Buddha while the 2nd and 3rd floor are the exhibition hall to show the history of The Golden Buddha and Chinatown where is the nearest community of the temple.

Mondhop and Buddha Statue at Wat Trimit

This picture above were took infront off the main chapel or Boad which has a group of Buddha statue make the Phra Maha Mondop looks very nice.

The Golden Buddha Museum

A learning center of how the Golden Buddha statue was found. The method of creating Buddha statue which is very interesting.


The covered of the Golden Buddha were taken a pictured before found the Golden Buddha statue hidden inside.

Chinese Museum 

The location of this temple is in the Bangkok Chinatown. The local create new Pha Mon Dop to enshrine the Buddha statue and use the second floor as the Chinese museum in order to see and learn the history of Chinese immigrant to this area. Lets Tour Bangkok is highly recommended you to add this museum in listing of your places to visit in Bangkok if the time is permitted.   

Chinese Museum at the Golden Buddha temple

This one above shows how was the Chinese immigrant hair style . It is famous in Ming Dynasty, which the ruler was Mongolia or Manjulia. It is pretty cool right. It is like Mohawk hair design. And no need to go to hair transplant.

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This picture shows how little number of car on the Chinatown street and still see the tram rail road which is a common transporation for local. The brick house started to made. It is quiet a few number of 5-7 storey building. This area was beginning to enter modernization period and consider the top place of business district since then till now.

Chinese Museum , at The Golden Buddha Temple
The pictures above show how people in the old day live , work and travel around. It is interesting to see a lot of boat houses around and wooden factories.

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This one above is not a poeple in titanic ship travel to America. However, it shows the Chinese immigrant travel from China to Bangkok in different period. They traveled with hope to find a new and better land for them and decendent.

Location: Samphanthawong District (near Chinatown), Bangkok

Operation Hour: 8.00am to 5.00pm, Daily