Crocodile farm Pattaya -The million years stone park

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Tour name Million year Pattaya
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Duration 3 Hours

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Million years stone and Crocodile farm Pattaya is a tourist attraction which is just 15 minutes drive from the Pattaya city center. This theme park was initiated by natural lovers to create a live museum, which combines beautiful things of all the three Kingdom animal, vegetable and mineral.

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Million Year Stone and Crocodile farm Pattaya

Million year stone is a tourist attraction which is just 15 minutes drive from the Pattaya city center. This theme park was initiated by natural lovers to create a live museum, which combines a beautiful things of all the three Kingdom animal, vegetable and mineral. In addition, visitors can enjoy amusing and exciting shows here.
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Million Year Stone Pattaya has 3 areas which consist of Garden & Stone Park , exotic zoo and crocodile Kingdom.

Garden & Stone Park

The garden decorates with gigantic rock in various shapes and surrounded by plants and flower. See the petrified tree , animal shape rock and Thai style trained tree age over 200 years.

Exotic Zoo in Million Year Stone Pattaya

Meet wild animals such as white tiger , crocodile , a shoal of snakehead fish of Amazon river , albino bear, Thepha fish and eastern Sarus cranes, emus, cassowaries and ostriches.

Crocodile Kingdom in Million Year Stone Pattaya

Million stone Pattaya raise crocodile over 1,000 for commercial use in their farm. They breed their own crocodiles. Observe crocodile and feeding them here.

Exiting show

They also provide exciting crocodile wasting show is run daily. There is a show for 8 times a day. The visitor can see the talent of crocodile expert.


Million Year Stone and Crocodile farm Pattaya : Itinerary

OPEN HOUR : RUN daily from 08:00 -18:30

Guideline for itinerary

10:00 Enjoy walking around a beautifully huge garden decorated with petrified trees over million years, rocks of grotesque shapes and shaped like animals, weighing up to 75 tons each and the largest artificial waterfall in Thailand. Thousands crocodiles, giant catfish, snakehead fish of the Amazon River, ostriches, camels, elephants can be seen.

11:00 See an exciting man wrestling with crocodiles.

Show time : Crocodile Shows

09:00, 10:00, 11:00,

13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 & 17:00

Optional activities

Take a pictures with tiger
Tiger cube
Elephant ride
Take pictures with crocodile
Feeding crocodile

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Million Year Stone and Crocodile farm Pattaya : Remark

  • Child rate for height between 90-120 cms
  • Child height under 90 cms is free of charge
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Million Year Stone Pattaya Reviews

Check out for visitor feedback that went to Million year stone Pattaya. Find out what do they enjoy and not happy with it. So you can figure it out before your visit and make the right decision before your trip.


Pretty cool and interesting

Bren V, From Australia, TripAdvisor May 2017

Spent two hours here and were quite nice. My friend wanted a photo with the White Tiger which he loved. I found the crazy crocodile show a tad boring. The place was easy enough to get to and easy to be picked up with Uber.

Well worth a visit

Dan T, From United Kingdom, TripAdvisor Apr 2017

You need to have a car or have a driver get to this place as due to its location is difficult to get to otherwise.

Beautiful grounds to walk around and feeding the crocodiles is quite an experience!!! There’s a good selection of animals to see along with Lions, Elephants, Giraffes etc plus there’s a regular crocodile show throughout the day…

We spent approximately 3 hours here , although could have spent much longer!

Very good

Gassulin, TripAdvisor Feb 2017

Well, been there a few days ago, this was the third time in last 6 years. Noticed the progress in every aspect, only downside was they were making the croc show shorter than ever, not even 15 mins. Otherwise was ok- elephants, tigers, bears, fish, birds, all sort of animals you can feed for 50-100B (a little zoo in fact), but the highlights of this place are (as the name of it says) numerous petrified pcs of wood (in diff stages of the process) some of them literally million years old, all in a very nice garden you can walk around and take pictures (and even learn something if you remember why you were there).

The management is trying to keep this place as interesting as it was at its beginning and I think they’re doing it very successfully. There are several refreshment points to get a coffee or whatever else to cool off, there are clean well maintained toilets and ..the entrance fee is 400B/faLang and 150/Thai, can take photos with elephants,tigers,crocs (200-300B) and get those at the exit. To mention-the place is out of Pattaya (10km) so you have either to hire a cab or to rent a bike to get there.

You’ll need 2-3 hours to get around the place so I feel free to suggest you to combine it with 3 other spots on the pretty much side of Pattaya – Mini Siam (1hour), Million years stone park (2-3 hours), Pattaya elephant village (2 hours), Pattaya snake farm and show (1.5 hour) this order. Every taxi driver will know the way, you just have to negotiate the fare. Please start at 9.30 am. And enjoy!

Farm or Zoo

JP_Theroux , From Canada , TripAdvisor Apr 2017

Many visitors have been critical of the conditions and the treatment of the animals in this park. I can’t say that I witnessed any abuse of the animals during my recent visit. One exception was the two elephants that we saw. One of the animals was jabbed with a stick to allow someone to get a better photograph. Other than that incident, we did not see any mistreatment.

We were surprised at the vast array of animals that were housed in this facility. From crocodiles to Siberian tigers and many birds as well. The unusual stone structures provided ample opportunities for photography. The other attraction was a waterfall in the centre of the park. The goods in the souvenir shop were grossly overpriced , and the lack of public lavatories was an annoyance. There is only one location at the entrance offering bathrooms. Other than than, it was an enjoyable couple of hours away from the city.


Cruelty cruelty cruelty!

Josh G, TripAdvisor Jun 2017

So disappoint I paid money to go to this place! bears and tigers kept in tiny cages just enough room to turn around. Elephants chained up so they can’t walk more than 2 steps! So small for how many animals they have! If this in the uk it would never be allowed to open I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone! And people who rate this place highly clearly have no soul or care for animal wellbeing!

Please be fair with pricing

Nemie Christin, From Philippines, TripAdvisor Jul 2016

Real rip-off to foreigners. 400 aht for foreigners 150 for locals. This has been an issue that must be looked upon.

Poor Animals

Mulliner , From United Kingdom, TripAdvisor Jan 2017

Just visited this morning. The tigers are drugged up to the eyeballs to have your photo taken with them. Skinny tigers, bears rocking from side to side bold on their rears. Crocodiles being hit with sticks and pulled around by their tails for your entertainment in the show. If you are an animal lover please don’t visit very upsetting to see!!

Price (Activities)

Price/Person 1-10pax
Available: 10 345 ฿/pp